Alice Evans' Response to Husband Ioan Gruffudd Filing for Divorce and Finding About It Online

Mar 3, 2021 @ 18:11 GMT+0000
Alice Evans' Response to Husband Ioan Gruffudd Filing for Divorce and Finding About It Online

Alice Evans opens up extensively about finding out that husband Ioan Gruffudd filed for a divorce through the media, says she's "heartbroken".

Actress Alice Evans says the divorce filed by her husband Ioan Gruffudd was out of the blue and indicated that the media was the first thing that notified of the fact. Before her extensive response to the news, she shared a screenshot from a seemingly unrecoverable Daily Mail article with the caption, "Oh. Ok. Thanks for letting me know. I guess? ?"

The 49-year-old then shared two self-portraits with lengthy captions pouring her heart out over the sudden divorce. She details her feelings about the impact Gruffudd's decision to file for divorce without telling her or their kids would have on them. She is "scared", she says, mostly for their kids of the disappointment his action might have on them or any other kids in general.

"I am terrified for what tomorrow will bring," she wrote in the first, mentioning she was unable to sleep through the news. "Do you what I’m mostly scared of? It’s who the girl is. I know! Why? Why would it even matter? I’m scared that my little girls will be disappointed by their [Dad's] behavior and model that in their future relations with the opposite sex."

Alice Evans' first self-portrait Instagram post as a response to her husband filing for divorce.She also mentioned her own experience with her father being "a sh*t".
Photo Source: Alice Evans, Instagram

Another thing she is afraid of is how Gruffudd would react to her response to "the fact that I had commented on his sudden decision to serve me" but was sure that he would be angry. She finds it necessary nonetheless and then went on to share her disappointed feeling of people telling her to live on with 'dignity'.

She revealed that it was one of her girls, 7-year-old Elsie Marigold Gruffudd, who showed her the article upon arriving from his place and taking a guess that he hadn't told the kids about the divorce. She shares that she decided to tell everything about it to the kids and that they couldn't believe he would do it to Evans.

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In the next post, she adds, "Yes, it is very sad and out [of] the blue [absolutely] I am heartbroken not just because I’d do much future that we planned." She proceeded to pour out her anger over women not being able to speak out or being silenced for speaking out and then became brutal about her decision to do so herself.

"So I’m sorry but f**k your discomfort about my lack of dignity. F**k your cheap quips about how ‘she didn’t know! Ha ha ha what a load of bollocks’, " she wrote. "LET WOMEN TALk! !! WE ALL HAVE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH, not just he men."

Actors Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd and daughters attend the premiere of Global Road Entertainment's "Show Dogs" at TCL Chinese 6 Theatres on May 5, 2018, in Hollywood, California.The two share two children together, both daughters.
Photo Credit: David Livingston, Getty Images

While the filing was sudden, the separation was a well-known fact for a month. Evans posted a since-deleted tweet announcing Gruffudd's decision to terminate their relationship, writing, "My beloved husband/soulmate of 20 years, Ioan Gruffudd, has announced he is to leave his family, starting next week. Me and our young daughters girls are very confused and sad."

On Monday, March 1, the Fantastic Four actor filed a divorce petition in Los Angeles Superior Court, and his demands are yet to be known. While the tweet was deleted, she did also share her feelings of the separation over on Instagram in a way similar to the current one.

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"I never thought this would happen to us," she wrote in an early February post with a photo of a heart breaking into two. "I am still fighting against it, because I love our kids, and I still love him, but something has happened inside his head and whatever it is, I don’t see him coming back to us."

The Vampire Diaries actress shared that how she was dealing with the "excruciating" pain in the same post and slammed the rude comments on another Daily Mail article about their separation a couple of days later via another Instagram post.

Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd in a selfie.The latter post included this photo on Instagram.
Photo Source: Alice Evans, Instagram

"Just read the comments in the @dailymail. I shouldn’t have done, but I had had three glasses of delicious wine," she wrote in the latter post. "Thank you for your kind comments. As for the unkind ones, I get it. It must be weird to comprehend why somebody would share their pain on social media rather than with their nearest and dearest."

"I get that. You must think I’m an a**h*le. I’m not though," she continues. "We are indeed discussing legal separation, but we are still friends. You can say what you want about me being an attention seeker but you know it’s not true. You just want a reason to put me down. Please - go ahead. I’m impenetrable ❤️."

The two met on the set of their 2000 movie, 102 Dalmatians, and got married in 2007. They have two daughters together, 7-year-old Elise and 11-year-old Ella Betsi Janet Gruffudd.

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