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Amanda Batula’s Weight Loss on Summer House Has Fans in Shock

Amanda Batula’s Weight Loss on Summer House Has Fans in Shock

Fans are shocked by Summer House star Amanda Batula’s weight loss transformation after sharing photos of her slim physique, with her defined abs popping through.

In 2020, her fiancé, Kyle Cooke, jested to Page Six that Batula’s workout routine was basically “nonexistent.” However, it appears that Amanda has since spiced up her gym routine and had completely transformed her body.

Fans have commented that she has significantly slimmed down since joining the reality TV series, let’s find out her one secret habit.

Summer House Star Amanda’s Weight Loss Is Down to This One Habit

Batula has gone through some appearance changes since her debut on Summer House and she has lost a significant amount of weight throughout the years.

Batula reportedly told followers during an Instagram Q&A that in season 2, which was her first official season, she was at her “heaviest.” Whilst Amanda refused to step on a scale she thinks that she has “lost between 15 to 20 pounds since then.” The University of Connecticut further claimed that she is now down to how much she weighed in college.

In fact, the Bravo star has now revealed the one habit which was the key to her weight loss. It was to constantly avoid stepping on the weighing scale. She did this “because the number that you see doesn’t matter.” Instead, what mattered to her was how she felt within herself. She told fans: “As long as your favorite pair of jeans fit — that’s the end goal.”

The reality star has also been cutting down on sugar and carbs, doing intermittent fasting, and adding protein to her diet. Another key factor was allowing herself to have any cravings “in small doses” adding: This way I don’t feel like I’m starving myself and I’m still getting nutrients.”

Amanda Batula’s Instagram Reveals Shocking Weight Loss

In a recent post on her Instagram, captioned “Creator of content,” fans commented on Batula’s toned physique. Comedian, Amy Philips wrote “Amanda “Abs” Tula.” While another shared: “It’s always her waistline for me.” complimenting her slim stomach.

Many others commented on how much Amanda looks like Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey. One user shared: “Literally thought this was Hailey Biebers post!” whilst another wrote: “It’s giving Hailey Bieber.”

Fans Raise Concerns Over Amanda Batula’s ‘Drastic’ Weight Loss

Other fans have become worried about Amanda’s weight loss. Concerns were initially sparked during her summer vacation to Italy in June 2022. A couple of weeks before her vacation, the star reportedly shared an Instagram Story revealing to her fans that her body had gone through some “changes.”

The cryptic Instagram story was just text no image, Ashley also added that she wasn’t pregnant. After a month without posting, on June 23, 2022, Batula shared three photos of herself on a night out in Napoli. Fans instantly knew what Batula meant by the significant body “change” as it was apparent she had lost a lot of weight. One user wrote: “You’re SUPER skinny. Enjoy the food! You are beautiful.” Whilst another asked: “How much weight have you lost?”

Batula’s now-husband Cooke then shared a series of photos that showed her in a bikini getting out of the water. This also attracted a slew of comments concerning her weight, as one person wrote: “Amanda lost so much weight!” Whilst another shared: “Amanda has always been gorgeous. Naturally pretty. She’s so thin.”

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