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Meet April Marie New Boyfriend Cody B. Cooper

Meet April Marie New Boyfriend Cody B. Cooper

April Marie new boyfriend, April and Jake’s relationship end in The Ultimatum, April Marie now.

Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On has been a great sensation with reality TV fans since its premiere. The most recent dating program is just as tumultuous as its predecessors.

Six couples are chosen from among the other couples on the show to take part in a three-week trial marriage period. They can either stay with the person they arrived with and marry them after the time limit, or they can move on.
April Marie chose Jake Cunningham for this role. They’d been dating for nearly two years, had moved in together, and he’d even bought her a car.

April was ready for a new symbol of commitment after he proposed marriage. Jake did say, though, that he wanted to travel more before establishing a family. April was irritated by this. Jake, on the other hand, expressed his displeasure with the lack of communication between them.

As a result, they decided to separate. April, on the other hand, appears to have moved on and is dating a new man. Let’s take a look at April’s new boyfriend.

April Marie New Boyfriend

April Marie and Jake Cunningham may not be able to make things work after all, as April looks to have met a new man, Cody B. Cooper, her most recent lover.

Cody broke the rule by posting photos of himself and April on his Instagram story. While show stars aren’t supposed to post anything on social media that would spoil the Netflix show for viewers, this one did so.

According to the post, Cody kissed April on the cheek in one shot, and he carried her on his back in the other. He wrote “My Love” in the description and tagged the celebrity as well as the Las Vegas Encore Beach Club in the shot.

April Marie boyfriend

April’s new boyfriend, Cody Cooper, is the owner of Sprout Realty, a real estate firm. (Image Source: Instagram)

April’s new boyfriend, Cody Cooper, is the owner of Sprout Realty, a real estate firm. He’s also a partner in the vape vending firm Kwik Rip. April’s new tattooed lover seemed to be faring better than Jake on the show.

Cody’s Instagram account reveals that he has magnificent cars and homes and enjoys living in style. Cody is also a boater and enjoys traveling. He also likes to ride motorcycles and drive sports cars. The entrepreneur also appears to have a strong interest in golf, firearms, and cigars.

April’s new boyfriend, an entrepreneur located in Austin, Texas, is also intending to create his own men’s underwear line. Cody is a big fan of haberdashery and dresses in high-end clothes. His favorite headwear is top hats and cowboy hats.

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April also said in a recent interview with Bustle that she had broken up with Jake and was dating an older Austin real estate broker. She compared her relationship with him to a fairytale.

How did April and Jake’s relationship end in The Ultimatum?

At the start of the show, April Marie gave her ex-boyfriend, Jake Cunningham, an ultimatum. She added that Jake, she said, was not prepared for marriage and children, whereas she was.

Jake explained that he’d recently left the service and wanted to enjoy life while also creating financial security before getting married and having children.

April Marie ex

April Marie with her ex-boyfriend Jake. (Image Source: Instagram)

Jake thought April was a little conceited and wasn’t focused on what he wanted out of the relationship. During the concert, Jake formed a bond with Rae Williams, who arrived with Zay Wilson.

While things seemed to be going well for the two, Jake reunited with April, only to break up with her. Despite their breakup, April closed the event with an optimistic attitude, declaring, “Single April is coming unbound!”

In the reunion episode, which aired on Wednesday, April and her prior boyfriend, Jake, acknowledged that they had never rejoined, and April disclosed that the reality star is now in a serious relationship and has moved in with her new partner.

Where is April Marie now?

April is originally from Los Angeles, but she made a wonderful life for herself in Austin, Texas, where she hoped to find love with former Marine Corps soldier Jake Cunningham. Their long-term serious relationship covered everything from living together to his giving her a car, so it was only natural for her to look forward to marriage and starting a family. April took Jake on to “The Ultimatum,” where he quickly discovered a spark with Rae Williams while she tried her hardest to stay dedicated, only for it not to work out.

Despite her hormonal imbalance due to PCOS, April Marie is in her mid-20s, and the Netflix original helped her confirm that her ambition of having a large family one day is a reality. It also taught her to be a better communicator rather than just a talker who rarely gives others a chance to answer, all while preserving her effervescent, understanding, and self-reflective attitude. Thus, the latest romance of the public figure, model, and fitness/travel fanatic — apparently with real-estate agent/entrepreneur Cody B. Cooper — is better than any she has ever had.

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As a result, she’s grateful for how things turned out, even if it was difficult for her to see her then-boyfriend get close to someone else. April Maie, on the other hand, is currently enjoying her new relationship with Cody.

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