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Are Wilbur and Niki Dating? Niki Shares the Truth!

Are Wilbur and Niki Dating? Niki Shares the Truth!

Learn the truth behind streamer Wilbur Soot and Niki Nihachu’s relationship status, dating rumors.

For a long time, there seems to be a heating debate going on amongst the fan regarding the actual relationship between Twitch star Wilbur and Niki dating & relationship. Hence, to know what’s really vooking between the couple ahead we present you with all the details regarding the Twitch star Wilbur and Niki‘s rumored relationship.

After it became a gossiping subject on the Internet Niki herself felt the answer to be given and she shares what their relationship is right now, leaving with some question marks.


Love might be in the Air!
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And streaming directly through her Twitch account Niki, 22, shares that Wilbur, 24, is just a good friend of her and nothing much, But what made us question her relationship with Wilbur is the riddling answer she said.

We are Friends and if there is anything more we’ll not share it because it’s private.

If you analyze it basically then we can obviously feel that there are more than just friends relationships. It was clearly hinted through her last words from her above statement.

Watch: Are Wilbur and Niki Dating?

So we would say there is 50-5-% percent which means they might be dating thou anonymously or they are just friends. But overlooking their close bonds and closeness makes everyone label them as boyfriend and girlfriend.

And if Wilbur and Niki might be dating then both of them have decided to set things private without revealing much information to the public. But make sure to be updated with us as we’ll shortly provide you with updates soon as we get hands to them.

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Last modified: March 28, 2021