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Who is Bert Weiss Girlfriend in 2021? Here’s Everything You Should Know About His Relationship

bert weiss girlfriend tiffany danielle in 2021

Here’s what you should know about Bert Weiss’ girlfriend in 2021. Is the radio host dating someone? Let’s find out.

Bert Weiss is a famous radio host of the Atlanta-based syndicated morning show, “The Bert Show.” The Atlanta-based host has served the station for more than 20 years, making him a station veteran.

Bert Weiss has seen only good things in his career as his show only peaked high during all these years; however, his love life was not fruitful as his career in the past.

The Atlanta-based radio host announced his divorce to his former wife, Stacey, was finalized during a radio show. A couple of weeks later, their divorce was finalized, and Bert was single again. But what after that? Is the radio host dating someone new following his divorce? Let’s find out.

Who is Bert Weiss Girlfriend in 2021? Here’s What We Know

The Atlanta-based radio host has always struggled in his relationship. The 53-year-old broke his previous marriage with his former wife, Stacey, following which he remained single for quite some time. But it seems the luck is finally on his side.

The Bert Show host is, indeed, dating someone in 2021. Bert Weiss is in a blissful relationship with his girlfriend, Tiffany Danielle Haynes. The couple started dating a couple of months after Bert’s divorce from Stacey.

bert weiss girlfriend tiffany danielle in 2021

Bert Weiss is in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Tiffany Danielle Haynes. Photo Source: Bert, Instagram

Bert Weiss and his girlfriend, Tiffany Danielle Haynes, seem to be having a really blessed relationship, and their kids seem to have blended in quite well.

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Bert Weiss shares two sons, Hayden Weiss, 17, and Hollis Weiss, 13, while Bert’s girlfriend has a daughter, Elizah Hayes, 9, from her previous relationship.

Who is Bert Weiss’ Girlfriend, Tiffany Danielle Haynes?

According to Bert Weiss’ girlfriend, Tiffany Danielle Hayes’ profile, she is a multi-talented personality. She is an entrepreneur, lifestyle coach, PTE Podcast host, and many more.

Tiffany is a Bachelor of Art graduate in Communication Studies. After stalking her profile for a while, we saw she is a bit spiritual as well.

Bert Weiss and Tiffany on Social Media

Bert Weiss and his girlfriend, Tiffany, often appear on each other social media posts. Last time the couple uploaded a picture of them with their daughter, Elizah.

Tiffany, taking to her Instagram, wrote,

“Is there anything better than watching our children learn new things, then turn into different little humans right before our eyes? it’s fascinating to watch how quickly they can learn how to read, communicate, and obviously.. take on new sports! ⁣”

Haynes continued,

“watching Elizah learn the ins and outs of softball has been a memory of a lifetime. so proud of her ?? ????⁣ ps. the conversation going on in the background of the video makes me giggle. the honesty in kids curiosity is ???#proudmamascreaming.”

bert weiss girlfriend tiffany danielle in 2021

Bert Weiss and his girlfriend, Tiffany, often share pictures of them together on their social media. Photo Source: Bert, Instagram

While Bert, on the other hand, uploaded the same picture on his Instagram and wrote,

“Contentment is a place that’s eluded me most of my life. I was raised to always strive for more. “If you’re comfortable then you’re being lazy.” My dad’s intent was good. I understand what he was trying to do. But he wasn’t entirely right. Constantly striving for more and not enjoying the moment is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made most of my life.”

Bert continued,

“It’s exhausting. Not allowing myself to be truly happy because there is always a “next level” or “something better” was misguided. It’s why I never took up any hobbies. They aren’t fun for me because I haven’t been able to do anything without striving to be the best I could at it.”

Weiss further added,

“The point of this post and picture is because I’m announcing today that I’m officially content. Ha. Sounds stupid. But I found it! I’m in it! There’s a new appreciation for my family, my job, my friends, nature. Heck, my entire life, I feel in a way now I haven’t ever felt.”

The radio host concluded,

“So how did I get here? I have no idea. I think it’s just a better understanding of acceptance. Tiffany and I have reached an intimate and comfort level that feels so right. Watching Hollis, Hayden and Elizah grow in such different ways fills my soul. Maybe not drinking as much? Acknowledging little wins? I don’t really know. All I know is that “it is what it is.” I’m at peace. I feel content. And as I’m happy as I’ve ever been.”

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