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Did Cardi B Fart During Her Grammys ‘WAP’ Performance?

Platinum rapper Cardi B farted during her Grammy’s ‘WAP’ Performance! Well, that’s what fans are trolling about.

The recent 62nd Grammy Awards was memorable yet controversial. From top-notch artists initiating to cancel Grammy to rumors of Cardi B farting on the stage – this year Grammy was not less than a drama show.

Wait! What? Yes, you heard it right. Recently the Internet’s been swirling with rumors that Cardi B farted during her live performance of superhit song WAP alongside Megan Thee Stallion. The rumors started to swirl after the Bodak Yellow hitmaker officially twitted “Slang me so hard almost made me fart”


Fans came with trolls after Cardi shared the Tweet.
Image Source: Twitter (@imcardib)

Though it has not been officially heard if Cardi farted for real, fans have been going crazy making fun retweets of Megan and Cardi’s precisely after a scene where Cardi gets slanged hard while performing a leg cross move with Megan.

One user tweeted as long as it wasn’t WAF, another shared, “Turn Over, we not done wet”. Some fans also criticized the singer for their vulnerable influence, lyrics, and dress-up style which is negatively impacting the coming generation.

Watch: Cardi B Fart Face After Getting Slammed By Megan (Grammy WAP Performance)


As of now, the Cardi’s post has 36.6k retweets where some of the highlighting Tweet is from American Pickle actor Seth Rogen who tweeted,  “As long as it wasn’t WAF,” said Rogen — suggesting the play-on-words: wet a- - fart. His response alone drew more than 72,000 likes.

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Talking about Grammy, Cardi didn’t win any Grammy this year, but her WAP mate Megan Thee Stallion walked away with three Grammy for Best Rap Performance, Rap Song, and New Artist.

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Last modified: March 17, 2021