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Charli D’Amelio Shares a Post from Chase Hudson with No Explanation

Charli D'Amelio Shares a Post from Chase Hudson with No Explanation

It must get tiring for anyone to speculate reunion rumors as Charli D’Amelio shares a specific photo from Chase Hudson’s recent post, barely sparking anything.

Among a string of recent Instagram stories, TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio shared a particularly inconspicuous photo of her former flame Chase Hudson, barely sparking another reunion among the two. What makes it stand out is how she chose the second photo from Hudson’s most-recent IG post and not the very first one.

She did give a link to the post, but it hasn’t kept anyone wondering why share it without any reason in the first place. It was not a merchandise advertisement either. Well, it may just be the case of another share she does more often of her friends, even without her inclusion. But one can only fathom, since the incidents in the past recent months haven’t been graceful for D’Amelio & Hudson.

Chase Hudson's photo being shared by Charli D'Amelio in Instagram Stories.It’s the second photo among four of Hudson’s post.
Photo Source: Charli D’Amelio, Instagram Stories

Hudson and D’Amelio sparked relationship rumors in December 2019, when Hype House was still in its infancy, among the TikTok community. Of course, they were not recognized much outside back then. It was confirmed a bunch of sparking times later by the end of January 2020, after quite a time they were really together for.

Trouble brew when cheating rumors arose in March with Sway House members, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards, releasing a music video for Still Softish, accusing him of flirting with the latter’s girlfriend, the controversial Nessa Barrett. It was later known last month that Hudson & Barrett actually kissed, with Hudson confessing it before Barrett confirmed it.

Hudson & D’Amelio broke up in mid-April both releasing statements of their own, sharing the same sentiment that they would still remain friends, indicating the cheating drama had nothing to do with the split. Barrett and Richards also broke up later in mid-June citing a different reason. Apparently, the kiss happened after the two different separations.

The pair under discussion had continued sparking patch-up rumors, but that has died down since Charli gave him a piece of her mind after he accused virtually everyone in the TikTok community around them. Of course, he did it after his kissing controversy came to light. He’s also seen rebranded his IG account.

“Stop deflecting you’re [sic] actions onto others because you can’t take responsibility, Chase,” she wrote in a now-deleted brutal tweet. “Want me to talk about how you treated me throughout our relationship or do you just want to continue to play the victim?”

Charli D'Amelio showcasing her a portion of her hair blue.Notice something different about her in the last few days?
Photo Source: Charli D’Amelio Instagram

It seems, however, the two have decided to make amends and are still connecting via social media. While a relationship of any kind is out of sight for the two, D’Amelio is rejoicing all by herself over part of her hair she temporarily dyed blue and cut a certain portion of it.

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Last modified: August 6, 2020