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Cherie Chan Siu-Ha From Bling Empire: $1.5 Million Net Worth; Combined Net Worth of $200 Million With Jessey Lee!

Cherie Chan Siu-Ha From Bling Empire: $1.5 Million Net Worth; Combined Net Worth of $200 Million With Jessey Lee!

Cherie Chan Siu-Ha, 34, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Bling Empire, has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Siu-Ha Chan or Cherie Chan, denim heiress and fashion lover. However, she and her partner, Jessey Lee, have a combined net worth of $200 million. Follow the article to know more about Cherie Chan’s net worth.

Cherie Chan Siu-Ha ( born on Feb 17, 1988) is a Chinese decent American-born actress & reality star mostly known for her outstanding performances in films and television series such as the State of Divinity, Heaven, and Earth, The Netflix Afterparty (TV Series), Celebrity Family Feud, 1941 Hong Kong on Fire, Those Were the Days, and Victory.

She is also one of the contestants of Netflix’s reality TV series, Bling Empire (2021) whose second season was also released recently on May 13, 2022. Cherie Chan Siu-Ha was a rising pop star before deciding to live a traditional life, which is perfectly fine for the princess of a denim empire.

Bling Empire is one of Netflix’s most popular original reality shows. The show follows a group of real-life friends who live a Crazy Rich Asian lifestyle. The show’s favorite couple, denim heiress and almost pop-star Cherie Chan Siu-Ha and her businessman spouse, Jessey Lee, also provide some romance.

Cherie and Jessey defy many traditional rules of Eastern culture. They are not married, despite the fact that they have two children, Jadore and Jevon according to ScreenRant.

After the recent release of the second season of Netflix‘s TV series, Bling Empire, the actress, and her spouse is gaining more popularity and the viewers are showing more interest in their personal life including Siu-Ha Chan’s NetWorth. So, let’s find out how much the Netflix star is worth.

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Cherie Chan Siu-Ha’s Networth Is $1.5 Million in 2022: The Bling Empire Star and Her Partner, Jessey Lee, Has $200 Million Together!

Cherie Chan Siu-Ha (@cherieofficial) had a very successful career as a pop star but she chose to end her journey because her mother was not happy with her career path. She could have been very famous and successful just from her music but she chose to end it for her mother’s wish.

Cherie recently lost her mother in 2020, and it was the most tragic incident for her, but with time, she has tried to move on from the past and is enjoying every second of her life. But even though the actress missed a huge opportunity to become rich and successful she likely does not regret it very much as she is still royalty.

Cherie Chan Siu-Ha is an heir to the true denim empire and she can choose whoever she wants to live her life without any restriction. The 45-year-old actress is now a successful businesswoman who earns a lot of money. Cherie and Jessey’s combined net worth is estimated to be $200 million, according to some sources.

Siu-Ha Chan’s husband Jessey Lee is also planning on taking care of his family business which is related to furniture. The couple also owns a tequila company known by the name Religion Tequila.

Just by seeing her Instagram stories, you can notice the type of lifestyle she has. She usually posts pictures of high-profile parties and expensive cars on her social media. According to NetWorthWikiBio, Siu-Ha Chan alone’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

However, Siu-Ha Chan’s official earnings from the popular show Bings Empire have not yet been revealed but by watching the show’s success we can conclude that it is very high. The Netflix actors are paid according to the contract that the studio/production company has signed with Netflix.

According to the BLS, actors earned an average of $39.84 per hour in 2016. The lowest-paid 10% earned $9.39 per hour, while the highest-paid 10% earned more than $100 per hour. Most worked in the motion picture and video industries, earning an average hourly wage of $50.88.

There is no doubt that Cherie Chan Siu-Ha is very rich and successful. Seeing the 45-year-old actress’ Instagram posts we can see that she goes to different countries for vacations and stuff. The couple has been successful to make each other complete and become rich together.

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