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‘Counting On’ – Kendra Duggar Expecting Third Child with Joe Duggar

'Counting On' - Kendra Duggar Expecting Third Child with Joe Duggar

Kendra Duggar is pregnant. Soon to be a family of five!

Joseph Duggar, 25, and his wife Kendra, 22, are expecting their third child together.

The couple revealed they are bracing to welcome another bundle of joy — a new little sibling for Garrett David, 2, and their nine-month-old daughter, Addison Renee.

“We are so excited to announce that we have a tie-breaker coming in February,” the pair told TLC on Wednesday, August 19.

Baby No. 3 is on the way! Life is full of surprises and we’re thrilled that it is a sweet baby that surprises us this time!

The Counting On stars exchanged vows in Arkansas back in September 2017. Three months later, they confirmed their first pregnancy.

Back in December 2017, the pair exclusively told US Magazine:

During this season that we are celebrating the birth of Christ, we are so excited to share with you that we are expecting the gift of a child ourselves!

The lovebirds added,

Wow, it’s so exciting!!! We’ve both always loved children and seen them as a real blessing from God. It’s so surreal to think of being parents and having our own little one. We cannot wait to see this new baby!

The 22-year-old Kendra welcomed her son, Garrett, now 2 years old, in June 2018. Merely a few months later, it was revealed the couple is expecting their second child.

“We are ready to double the fun at our house!” the TV celebrities gushed in April 2019.

The couple continued, “Being parents has already proven to be a greater joy than we had hoped or imagined. We love getting to parent together and are loving every moment and milestone. We are very happy that our little family will welcome a new addition later this year.”

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In November 2019, the pair’s second child, daughter Addison Renee was born. At the time, her parents said in a statement that Garrett was “going to be a great big brother.”

The duo offered their supporters a snapshot of Kendra’s pregnancy during the Counting On segment earlier this month. The Virginia resident commented on her “painful contractions” and “sharp pains,” claiming in a confessional she didn’t feel like she could do it.

Kendra explained:

I was in so much pain, I was laying down and I just didn’t think that while I was laying down [my water] would break. I’ve never had that experience before, and it was a lot of pain at that moment.

Her mother, Christina Caldwell, visited and supported her daughter through her exhaustion and excruciating contractions before Addison was delivered in the early hours of the morning.

The couple said in a statement they’re so eager to see Garrett and Addison respond as they see the new kid. Garrett is already such a caring big brother to Addison, so they’re looking forward to Addison’s introduction to a life-size baby doll.

Life is full of surprises and we’re thrilled that it is a sweet baby that surprises us this time!

While there is some question as to which Duggar pair is more likely to act in the footsteps of parents Jim Bob and Michelle — who have 19 children in total — Joe and Kendra appear to be putting the debate to rest.

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When the couple welcomed their first baby, the then-teenager Kendra said on Counting On,

This is definitely a honeymoon baby. We weren’t expecting to be expecting this soon, but it sometimes happens.

“Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to fill up the house with more children,” Joe added.

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