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Courtney Friel Wedding: The KTLA Anchor Ties Knots With Her Beau, Finally

Courtney Friel Wedding, husband Jim Hecht.

“Courtney Friel wedding” it happened despite the challenges.

The Wedding Date: 10th October 2020! Indeed, Courtney Friel and her beau, Jim Hecht, made it… The Italian Wedding we all were waiting to happen.

There are no words that could describe the joy Courtney Friel is experiencing right now. The KTLA news anchor finally tied the knots with her longtime beau, and now-husband, Jim Hecht. There are plenty of reasons why Courtney is over the cloud right now.

courtney friel and jim hecht wedding.

The wedding was attended by a few family members and close friends.
Image: Instagram

Well, the first thing she has reasons to rejoice is, she exchanged “I Do” with the love of her life, Jim Hecht, with who she was in a relationship for quite a few years, and secondly, the most important one of course, Courtney made her Italian wedding possible.

Previously, despite all the date and venue set already, the dilemma was there if she will be able to make the wedding possible because Italy had previously restricted the entrance of the US citizens due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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But it seems like the all mighty’s blessing were in her favor, the KTLA anchor and her now-husband, Jim Hecht, walked down the aisle, and it was nothing short of extravagance.

jim hecht and courtney friel's wedding.

They, for sure, know how to have fun!
Image: Instagram

The KTLA news anchor took to her Instagram to upload the pictures from her special day, and photos pretty much capture the moments of her wedding perfectly. Moreover, her “special day” got coverage from her network, KTLA, as well.

It’s been already two days since the couple walked down the aisle, but the pair is yet to update pictures and events details on their “Wedding Page” on Zola. We are just curious about what more we will get to see from her on the event page.

Since the pandemic situation was a big deal, and the European countries, including Italy, were not allowing the entrance of visitors from the visitors, Courtney’s friends tried to make her a butt of a joke, but she responded to the situation quite charmingly.

On March 2, 2020, Courtney Friel took to her Twitter account and tweeted,

‘My co-anchors are giving my crap about having my wedding in Italy. I am not worried and I am not canceling it either. 10-10-2020.’

Well, we can also say it was a great way to announce the date of her wedding! Anyways, since the event concluded without any problems, we couldn’t be happier for Courtney Friel and her husband, Jim Hecht. Congratulations to the newly married couple.

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