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David Harbour Says Stranger Things’ “Beautiful Season” Sets Up “Definite Ending”

David Harbour Says Stranger Things' "Beautiful Season" Sets Up "Definite Ending"

David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper in the popular Netflix horror drama Stranger Things, revealed the “big, beautiful” season that is in store with season 4 that sets up a “definite” conclusion.

Stranger Things star David Harbour recently stated that season 4 of the Netflix show will have a conclusive ending.

The paranormal series is yet to announce a premiere date after releasing a brief teaser video last month, but the Jim Hopper actor has teased what viewers can anticipate in the fourth season.

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In addition to disclosing that season 4 will go far beyond Hawkins and is his favorite season so far, Harbour revealed the show is tightening and finishing up in a particular direction in a way to achieve a straightforward, spotless, precise, and definite ending at some point.

Harbour told Collider,

I mean, it’s bigger, that’s the first thing. In scope, in scale, even in the idea that we’re not in Hawkins anymore. We, locale-wise, we’re bigger. We’re introducing new stuff, but we’re also tightening and wrapping up in a certain direction to make it have a clear, clean, specific, and definite ending at some point, which I can’t really talk about.

The Hopper actor added,

[Season 4] is really my favorite season. I just love it. The scripts always get better and these guys, they started out [with] season 1 [being] so tight and good and intimate in a certain way, it’s so good.

The Netflix star mentioned how the scriptwriters tend to go in different directions, which audiences have different perspectives on, but he reckons the writing retains the essence of its distinctive, specific genre, and everything they’re doing, year in year out, is just exceptional.

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And, once again, they’re topping it on Stranger Things. Harbour feels like it’s a quite massive as well as a wonderful season, and he’s excited for fans to witness it.

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Last modified: June 21, 2021