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Does Jobe London Have Cancer?

Jobe London Cancer

Grab all detail of one of South Africa musical mogul Jobe London’s cancer, updates & death hoax.

Over time, the news regarding Jobe London cancer has been trending all over the media. A lot of the soulful artist fans also seem to have shown their kind concern and worry about the star.

So in order to provide you with the facts regarding the Injalo Lento hitmaker cancer, we present you with all the details,

Jobe London Have Cancer and Weight Loss is One of the Factors

Yes, Jobe has cancer and it is the major reason behind his weight loss too. London even went live to share the news. He made it official via his last Instagram post made on August 8, 2021.

Jobe London Have Cancer & is he dead

Yes, Jobe London has cancer. (Image Source: @jobelondon_)

Prior to that Jobe’s disease has been misdescribed with rumors like HIV positive, but like a real hero, Jobe never made any hate comments and always remained positive about it.

And as cancer brings many problems alongside, his cancer has brought him some the health complications like weight loss and decreased immunity level.

Is Jobe London Dead?

Jobe is not dead but his death hoax started to swirl after he went to a cemetery of his friend Killer Kau which led to his video trending on social media. But in reality, Jobe is alive, yes, he is a cancer patient and undergoing the required medication.

So no all of his death rumors are wrong, Jobe has also not suffered from any accidents or injury so far. The singer is chilling and enjoying his life to the fullest.

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Last modified: September 16, 2021