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Does Nico Hiraga Have Girlfriend? Relationship Details

Does Nico Hiraga Have Girlfriend? Relationship Details

American skateboarder and Moxie actor Nico Hiraga girlfriend, dating, past relationship, career and more details inside the article.

Niko Hiraga is a skateboarder, YouTuber, and actor from the United States who is sponsored by businesses such as Create Skateboards and Lakai Shoes. The 25-year-old took part in the European tour of Illegal Civ. Niko started skateboarding with a funny posture and has since honed his talents to become a household name in the sport.

The actor has appeared in several TV series, films, and other platforms too, but the actor still has a long way to go. Even though the 25-year old’s career has only just begun, the actor has already established herself as a popular actor.

Furthermore, The 25-year old’s devotion and hard work have pushed him to international fame. Soon after, Niko Hiraga rose to prominence in his field in a short amount of time, influencing people via his work and gaining a great deal of popularity.

Who is Nico Hiraga?

Nico was born on December 19, 1997, in San Francisco, California, and as of 2022, he is 25 years old. The actor was raised in a Christian household. Since he was a child, the actor has had a strong desire to skateboard.

According to reports in the media, the actor is of mixed ethnicity, with Japanese, German, English, Scottish, and Dutch ancestors. Jun Hiraga, the skateboarder’s father, is a businessman.

According to the actor’s Instagram bio, he began skateboarding at an early age. The actor turned his attention to his sporting career, and he is now a professional skateboarder.

The actor was Dating a Girl named Leilani. Are they still together?

Nico Hiraga’s romantic life remains a mystery. According to certain sources, he was rumored to be dating a female named Leilani. The actor shared a photo on Instagram in December 2018 with his reported girlfriend, Leilani.

They’ve been dating for a long time, according to sources (assumed to be over three years). His girlfriend lives a typical existence. In comparison to her boyfriend, Nico, the actor’s purported girlfriend keeps a low profile.

Nico Hiraga gf

Nico has set his personal life private. (Image Source: Pinterest)

Furthermore, the actor has kept his partner hidden from the public eye, so little is known about her. The actor’s girlfriend does, however, reside in Hawaii. Nico Hiraga paid her a visit in Hawaii after finishing filming for Booksmart.

When it came to Leila, Nico Hiraga never failed to show off his loving impulses. Possessiveness and protectiveness go hand in hand with love. They were, in a nutshell, complementary.

Nico, on the other hand, was extremely protective of Leila. Fans thought they were a lovely pair after seeing their photos on social media! In addition, in January 2019, the actor celebrated the birthday of his girlfriend, Leila.

Nico Hiraga revealed how understanding and trustworthy Leila was when asked about her. Despite their long-distance relationship, they never made it an issue.

Following that, the media-generated headlines about Nico hooking up with his lady love, Leilani, appeared. The actor’s work schedule has grown somewhat hectic at the moment. He’s also gotten more secretive about his personal life. As a result, it’s unclear whether Nico and Leila are still dating.

We searched for mentions of his girlfriend on his Instagram, but there were no mentions of her on his page except for skating videos and a few photos.

The actor looks like he’s guarded about his relationship with his girlfriend. We couldn’t even find any suspicious remarks on his Instagram, which is unusual in this day and age.

Who is Nico Hiraga Dating as of 2022?

As a talented young actor, Nico has gained huge popularity in the entertainment industry. The 25-year-old is the crush of many girls. The actor’s fans are now waiting to learn about his love life. So who is the young, beautiful actor dating as of 2022?

Despite being spotted with several female co-stars, and having a charming personality, Nico Hiraga is single as of 2022. When it comes to Nico’s love relationship, the actress has managed to keep her out of the spotlight.

The actor’s partnership hasn’t been made public yet. unlike the 25-year old’s career, the skateboarder’s love life is not so popular with no rumors and no controversies. The actor has managed to keep his personal life under the radar.

Nico dating & gf

           As of 2022, the actor looks to be single. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Going through Nico Hiraga’s social media, there’s nothing about the actor’s love life. A handsome man who loves to have fun is reserved when it comes to his love interest.

We searched for mentions of his girlfriend on his Instagram, but there were no mentions of her on his page except for skating videos and a few photos.

The actor looks like he’s guarded about his relationship with his girlfriend. We couldn’t even find any suspicious remarks on his Instagram, which is unusual in this day and age.

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Nico Hiraga who embraces his queerness and spreads love has decided to keep her boyfriend a secret or could be single all the way. As of 2022, the actor looks to be single. The 25-year-old could, however, be dating someone in secret.

Nico Hiraga’s career

While making his acting debut, the actor scored a small role in the film Skating Kitchen. Tanner’s role in the movie Booksmart was the actor’s breakout role. It catapulted his fame and fortune to new heights.

Nico had previously been entirely focused on skating. Later, he tore a ligament in his ankle while skating. After that, the skateboarder decided to pursue a career as an actor. The YouTuber, together with his skate group Illegal Civ, has appeared in TV shows such as Ballers and the film Mid90s.

The actor made his film debut in the 2017 film “The Flare.” In the same year, he starred in the film “Summer of 17.” The skateboarder was chosen for the role of Patrick in the film Skate Kitchen in 2018. In 2019, he played skater Jock Tanner in the film “Booksmart,” which he starred in after a year off.

Nico Hiraga career

  Nico has appeared in several TV series, and films, throughout his career, but the actor still has a long way to go. Photo Source: Instagram

Nico showed off his skating skills as the goofy skate jock Tanner, which he honed over many years of practice. The persona was favorably accepted by young people, and the actor swiftly rose to notoriety as Hollywood’s newest and cutest heartthrob.

The actor was in high demand as a result of his success, and he appeared in several films and television shows. His next two teenage girl-centric films, The Power and Hello, Goodbye, will be released soon, and his admirers will be able to watch him in them.

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Before settling on Tanner, the actor tried out for the roles of Jared and Nick. In the film, the actor performs his stunt. One of his most impressive skating moments involved the 25-year-old skating through a school corridor while spraying a fire extinguisher behind him. For him, the film worked like a charm, and he began receiving offers for other performing roles.

Nico Nico recently appeared in the Netflix film “Moxie” as Seth Acosta. The actor has received a lot of praise for his outstanding performance in the film.

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