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Dorothy Wang Net Worth 2022: How Does the Bling Empire Cast Make Money? Dad, Family & Parents’ Net Worth Explored!

Dorothy Wang Net Worth 2022: How Does the Bling Empire Cast Make Money? Dad, Family & Parents' Net Worth Explored!

After taking into account all of her sources of income and her affluent lifestyle, Dorothy Wang, the Bling Empire cast, is thought to have a net worth of roughly $10 million right now in 2022. Given her current role on Bling Empire and the notoriety she has amassed from her work in reality TV, the number is only expected to increase in the years to come. Fans also wonder about the net worth of Dorothy Wang’s dad, family, and parents.

Dorothy Wang, a socialite, TV personality, and businesswoman was born on January 27, 1988. She had more than a million Instagram followers as of May 2022. She made her acting debut in May 2022 as a cast member of the Netflix reality series Bling Empire. Dorothy made her television debut on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on the E! Network, where she later made appearances in all four seasons.

Roger and Vivine Wang, the former of whom is the founder and CEO of conglomerate Golden Eagle International Group, welcomed Dorothy Wang into the world on January 27, 1988. Currently, Roger is worth $3.5 billion.

Janice Wang, Dorothy’s younger sister, previously served on the Board of Directors of the listed flagship of Golden Eagle. Dorothy Wang earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of South Carolina.

Dorothy Wang made her Netflix debut in May 2022 as one of the new cast members of Bling Empire‘s second season. She particularly attracted notice during this season after being involved in conflict with Kane Lim, a returning cast member. With the release of the third season of Bling empire, fans online were curious to know how rich is Dorthy Wang. Read this article to know all about Dorothy Wang’s net worth.

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Dorothy Wang’s Net Worth: The Bling Empire Cast Has Built Her Own Wealth Despite Having a Billionaire Father!

It is estimated that Dorothy Wang‘s (@dorothywang) current net worth is around $10 million after accounting for all of her sources of income and her opulent lifestyle. However, the number is only anticipated to rise in the years to come given her present role on Bling Empire and the popularity she has attained through working in reality TV.

Dorothy Wang has managed to establish a name for herself and is well-known in her own right despite being born into enormous riches. On January 27, 1988, in Beverly Hills, California, Dorothy was born to her affluent parents, Roger and Vivine Wang. Dorothy was raised in a close-knit household along with her older sister, Janice. She obtained a communication degree from the University of Southern California and graduated.

It’s interesting to note that Roger Wang, the main shareholder and previous CEO of the multi-billion dollar corporation Golden Eagle International Group, is also its founder. Along with running multiple department stores in China, it also engages in business in clothes, auto repair, and real estate development.

Dorothy has always lived a luxurious lifestyle because of her father’s money, and she frequently posts pictures of it on her social media accounts. Producers later became aware of Dorothy’s Instagram posts and offered her the chance to appear in the 2014 reality series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

When Dorothy entered the spotlight, she quickly rose to prominence and became well-known on reality TV. She continued to feature in the show’s four seasons, and in the final season, she was hired as a producer. As a fashion correspondent on The Steve Harvey Show in 2014, Dorothy also had the opportunity to gain some much-needed expertise in the entertainment business.

After the 2016 season of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills ended, Dorothy went on to star in the 2017 series Famously Single. Additionally, she co-hosted the reality series Fetch Me A Date on Facebook Watch in 2019.

It’s interesting to note that Dorothy did not limit her career to the entertainment sector; in addition to acting in films, she also created and promoted her own jewelry line, Fabuluxe. She then introduced her champagne line, Rich and Bubbly, the year after.

Dorothy currently holds a real estate license, in addition to receiving a sizable payment for her appearance on Bling Empire, as she formerly worked for the upscale real estate firm The Agency. The reality TV actress is highly active in posting glimpses of her daily life on social media and appears to have established a posh lifestyle for herself.

The Bling Empire cast certainly knows how to spend money. Dorothy enjoys traveling, going out to clubs, and shopping. On her website, she has offered travel advice and unofficial travel guides for places like Miami, Tokyo, and Amsterdam. She has a strong love for helping others, and at the age of 12, she was selected as the Nanjing Charity League‘s youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador. Black Lives Matter is an initiative that Wang supports.

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