Emilia Clarke Reveals a Daenerys Scene She’d Change from Game of Thrones Season 8!

Jun 15, 2021 @ 16:19 GMT+0000

Daenerys Targaryen was a beloved hero of Game of Thrones, well, until the writers dumped all over years of buildup to ruin her resilience and strength. It was infuriating to see what happened to Emilia Clarke’s character in Game of Thrones season 8. But the actress has no bad feelings towards how her character was handled in the end, instead, she revealed a single scene she would change from the final season of the show.

Over a decade ago the first season of Game of Thrones introduced the world to Westeros and Essos. Consisting of seven kingdoms ruled by age old families, everyone vies to be in favor with the Baratheons sitting on the Iron Throne. The politics, warring factions, and secret made up for an explosive series and introduced us to numerous actor who would go on to become stars on their own.

One such star to come out from the show is Emilia Clarke. She led a successful romance movie, and also starred in a Star Wars film, but Emilia will forever be known as the Daenerys Targaryen actress, wherever she goes or whomever she speaks with. The questions are unavoidable, so when one such unavoidable question came her way during an interview, the actress did not hesitate to answer.

Daenerys Actress Says Her Death is Something She Would Love to Change


Well, we did not give a spoiler warning because if after two years you still do not know about Daenerys’ death then that is not our fault. As we all know, the mediocre Game of Thrones season 8 rushed to its ending and the two creators of the show decided to take Dany into a different path. Much to the fury of fans, we are left with the image of a dead Daenerys lying in the burnt down King’s Landing, with her nephew/lover holding the knife that dealt the killing blow.

Emilia Clarke said during an interview with theSkimm that is the exact moment she would like to have back. When asked about a Game of Thrones season 8 scene that she would change now, she quickly said her death. While she did not reveal much beyond the death scene, it was certainly a easy way out taken by the writers to tie a bow around the final season.

In the end, it did not work as fans were up in arms against the creators of the show, even calling for a remake of the final season with different writers. Mass protest, online boycotts, petitions and even threats against the two creators were common in the summer of the 2019. We are two years removed from the finale and still the consequences of one horrible decision after another, haunts millions of fans.

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Daenerys was promised as the liberator of Westeros and Essos. She was supposed to rule the lands and reclaim what was rightfully hers. We were shown a passionate queen who listened to advice and did things that would result in lesser harm caused to the bystanders. From liberating slaves to fighting against the slave owners and taking over their cities, Dany did it all, only to die a madwoman with thousands of innocent deaths on her hand.

We were promised a liberator as a queen and the writers could not even give us that at the end. They had to turn her into a cliché “hysterical” woman who could not control her emotions. From a liberator, to a tyrant, the change happened in an instance and then we got a whole spiel from Tyrion about “who has a better story than Bran the Broken?”

Daenerys had the best story out of all of those idiots combined. Almost killed as a child, sold by her own brother to the Dothraki chief, so he can have their armies. Left for dead after her husband got killed. Liberated her own unsullied army, then freed them and gave them a choice between freedom and following her. Took over a whole slave city with nothing but an inspiration speech, then made the Dothraki who left her, become her devout followers.

Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys did it all, while she was busy raising three fire-breathing dragons. One of the most badass women in television history, died for no reason at all. Maybe Emilia did not mean much by saying she wanted to change the scene where Dany dies, but for us that death was a betrayal of everything we hoped for over a 10-year period. Two arrogant writers and their desire to shock instead of tell a good story, ruined a whole legacy.

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