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Who Is Emilia Jones’ Boyfriend in 2022? Is the Locke & Key Actress Dating Connor Jessup or Griffin Gluck?

Who Is Emilia Jones' Boyfriend in 2022? Is the Locke & Key Actress Dating Connor Jessup or Griffin Gluck?

Emilia Jones, the star of Locke & Key, does not have a boyfriend and is single as of 2022. Although the actress has been rumored to be dating her co-stars, Connor Jessup and Griffin Gluck, all of the claims were false.

Emilia Annis I. Jones, better known as Emilia Jones, (b. February 23, 2002) is an actress, singer, and songwriter from England. Aled Jones is her father, and Claire Fossett is her mother. Lucas Jones is her younger brother. She starred as Ruby Rossi in the Academy Award-winning 2021 film CODA, for which she garnered numerous honors, including a BAFTA Award nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

The English actress is well recognized for her role as Kinsey Locke in the Netflix series Locke & Key (2020-present), as well as her appearances in Doctor Who and Utopia. Brimstone, Ghostland & Two for Joy, and Horrible Histories are among her other leading parts. She has also appeared in various West End theater productions.

Jones’ boyfriend has piqued the interest of many admirers. Who do you think Emilia Jones is dating in 2022? Is she in a relationship with Connor Jessup or Griffin Gluck? Let us seek the truth.

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Who Is Emilia Jones’ Boyfriend in 2022? The Locke & Key Actress Was Rumored to Be Dating Connor Jessup and Griffin Gluck!

Emilia Jones (@emiliajonesy) has always kept her love life out of the public figure. She hasn’t revealed anything about her personal life to date. However, she has been in a prior rumored relationship. But, for the time being, she is single in 2022. She’d never been married. The 20-year-old actress is focused on her acting career and developing her life instead of dating a boyfriend.

Similarly, the 5’6″ star has not been in a relationship with someone in the present or past. She is active on her social media handles where she posts things related to her professional life rather than her love life. Looking at her social media accounts there are no hints of a possible partner as of yet.

Despite the fact that Emilia Jones was once close to her on-screen sibling and fellow Locke & Key cast member Connor Jessup (@connorwjessup). When fans noticed the two’s off-screen familiarity, relationship speculations began to swirl. Furthermore, Jessup would share images of Jones with silly remarks, fueling the romance suspicions.

The Brimstone actress frequently posts photos of the two together on Instagram. Both wished each other on their birthdays, which is reasonable for two people who work together. However, there seemed to be more to this couple than meets the eye.

On July 15, 2021, for example, he shared two photographs and a video clip of them having fun together. “The wedding’s in August, and you’re not invited,” he captioned the photo.

But when Jessup came out as gay, these rumors faded away. Connor Jessup announced his relationship with boyfriend Miles Heizer. They have been together since 2020. Well, although Jones and Jessup aren’t dating for sure.

Meanwhile, other speculations claim Emilia Jones is dating her on-screen co-star Griffin Gluck, who they were seen mingling with. Griffin Gluck plays Gabe, the fake persona created by Dodge using the Identity Key to infiltrate the Lockes.

Gabe and Emilia (Kinsey) become friends, and they usually hang out together. After he saves her from drowning in the Caves, she falls in love with him. After then, the two began dating, and Kinsey has no idea Gabe is Dodge. In truth, these two are not said to be a couple.

With the information, it could be said that Emilia Jones doesn’t have a boyfriend and is single at the moment. Instead, she is focusing on her career rather than dating a guy. However, her career-oriented focus only seems fair as she is only 20 years old. Perhaps, she will surely be in a relationship once she feels right about it.

Emilia Jones’ Claim to Fame

Even though Emilia Jones began her profession at the juvenile age of eight, it took nearly a decade for her to break through. She’s a stunning actress who we’ve watched grow her profession from the ground up over the years.

She rose to prominence after starring as Kinsey Locke, the Locke family’s lone girl child, in the critically acclaimed Netflix fantasy drama series Locke & Key. She achieved enormous recognition and fame as a result of her outstanding performance in the series. With this portrayal, she began to gain popularity among television viewers and swiftly rose to fame.

On the other hand, the 20-year-old actress has performed in the theatre, most notably as Young Fiona in the original cast of Shrek the Musical at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, and as Flora in a stage rendition of Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw.

Emilia Jones has worked with actors such as Johnny Depp, Rosamund Pike, Billy Connolly, Penélope Cruz, Nick Frost, Darby Stanchfield, and Connor Jessup in recent films.

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