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Enough with the DC Director’s Cut Drama


There is this amazing story of how the studio executives were coming down to fire Ridley Scott while he was filming Blade Runner. In haste, the scene “Tears in the Rain” monologue was filmed and is to this day one of the greatest quotable lines in movie history. A director won over a studio to make the movie he wanted, but not all directors are Ridley Scott and not all actors are Rutger Hauer.

With the mess that was DC’s slate of movies between 2015 and 2020, one after the other the films were getting panned by critics and fans alike. And after trying to find a scapegoat for the failure, directors of those failed endeavors tried to say that their version of the movie was not seen on screen.

Then showing the support came fans who demanded the director’s cut for the released movies. Everyone knows by now about the Justice League director’s cut saga. It resulted in Warner Bros. giving the reigns back to Zack Snyder and asking him to piece together his version of the movie.

It is understandable where Zack is coming from, he shot the movie he wanted and when he had to step away for personal reasons, someone else came in and bastardized his film. He deserves to tell the story he wanted, it is not going to make Justice League a better movie, but still, it will be better than the magenta-colored final battle.

Zack Snyder is going to showcase his version of the film on HBO Max. And this is getting fans of other movies in DC stable to demand a director’s cut. One of the films that fans want to see the director’s version of is the unearthly bad Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer.

Fans Demand Director’s Cut of Suicide Squad

There has been a constant demand for David Ayer’s version of the mediocre Suicide Squad movie. From script leaks to the director himself saying there were so many things that made the movie different from what he intended. No other director came in to redo his movie, David filmed it and he said the studio cut around the better movie.

We have seen extra footage and shots from the trailer which hint at a better movie. But no way there is another version of the movie where Cara Delavigne‘s Enchantress does not gyrate on the screen. Suicide Squad was bad because there was not enough time to establish the 15 different characters they show us via their crime files.

DC was in such a hurry to catch up with Marvel, they decided to introduce Justice League characters via a video and Suicide Squad characters through their crime files in less than 10 minutes. A director’s cut is not going to fix that, shooting backstories was not going to fix that.

Introducing all those characters was going to make that movie upwards of three hours long. Adding extra footage is not going to make things better. Yes, it worked for the Kingdom of Heaven, adding 44 minutes of extra shots made the movie better but again we are comparing apples to oranges.

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The story of Kingdom of Heaven was focused on a single protagonist while Suicide Squad had no clue which character was the lead in the movie. Joker was a mess, Harley Quinn was eye candy, Deadshot was the angry back dude, Joel Kinneman was one dimensional, and the best part about the whole movie was Jai ‘f-ing’ Courtney.

So, let’s just stop with all this director’s cut talk. Those directors made bad movies, suck it up and wait for James Gunn to make a better version. Everyone be honest, does anyone wants to see Josh Trank‘s version of Fan4tastic?

Movies are not made for pandering to a single fanbase, those types of films are never a success. Just because a small but loud group of “fans” want to see a slightly altered version of a mediocre film does not mean we all should suffer through it.

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Last modified: January 23, 2021