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Who is WESH Channel 2 Broadcaster Eric Burris Wife? Wight Loss & Health Update

Eric Burris : American Broadcast Meteorologist at WESH Channel 2 and HEARST Eric wiki, age, married with wife, weight loss and health update.

Eric Burris is an American who is known for forecasting in Central Florida for Wesh 2 News. In Orlando, he currently works as a meteorologist for WESH Channel 2 and EARST Television. He has also worked for WPBF Channel 26 in West Palm Beach as a morning meteorologist.

Eric worked as a general assignment reporter as well as an on-air meteorologist during weekday morning broadcasts.  Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Jeanne, and Wilma were also covered by him. He’s also covered the devastating Groundhog Day tornadoes.

Eric Burris Short Wiki/Bio

Born on April 29, 1984, in Central Florida  Eric Burris is 30 years old as of 2021. The 30-year-old stands 5’9″ feet tall. The meteorologist attended Mississippi State University as well as Seminole State University. The 30-year-old also performed as a baritone for the University of Central Florida Marching Knights.

5’9″ tall was hired by WESH 2’s sister station, WPBF-TV in West Palm Beach, in 2006, however, he didn’t remain long. Burris is currently employed at WESH 2, where the 31-year-old collaborates with other well-known WESH 2 anchors and correspondents.

Eric Burris’ Surgery-Assisted Weight Loss Journey

Huge people know how difficult it is to lose weight, even if you lose a few pounds, they return much faster than they were lost in the first place. Some people simply cannot lose weight, despite their best efforts. The meteorologist was one of them and has been around 300 pounds for most of his life. Eric’s appearance has drastically changed. When looking at old and new images of him, many followers have noted his significant weight loss.

Eric Burris’ weight loss quest began in secret in 2020 as he attempted to improve his health. Eric stated earlier this year that the 30-year-old understood he needed to make a change for his health and that of his family. In June, the meteorologist opted to undergo gastric bypass surgery after consulting with his doctor.

Eric Burris’ Surgery-Assisted Weight Loss Journey. (Image Source: Pinterest)

The 5’9″ tall discovered that simple eating and exercise were ineffective for him. The WESH 2 personality claimed that he was starving himself, avoiding meals and that nothing was working, prompting several coworkers to get concerned. the meteorologist realized he needed to see a doctor about his weight loss struggles.

The doctor warned Eric that without therapy, the 30-year-old would be unable to lose weight due to difficulties with his pancreas and insulin production. When he went to the doctor, they presented a grim picture for him, stating that he was diabetic at high risk.

Eric Burris underwent gastric bypass surgery, which involves removing sections of the stomach and reconnecting the intestines. The 31-year-old was able to get rid of his strong need to eat, and Burris was able to lose nearly 70 pounds as a result of the treatment.

The 30-year-old now eats smaller, more frequent meals, with protein as a top priority. The only drawback, the meteorologist claimed, is that he now needs to purchase more outfits to accommodate his thinner but the healthier frame. The First Alert from WESH 2 News After undergoing severe weight loss surgery, meteorologist Eric Burris feels like a new person.

Eric Burris Wife, Children

Eric Burris is happily married to his wife Jeannie Burris on March 25, in the year 2017, and after one year the couple was blessed with their first son, Martin in the year 2018. Furthermore, there is no information regarding when and where the couple met. Also, there is no information related to Jeannie, his wife, as she is not active on social media. The meteorologist has kept his wife out of the spotlight.

Eric shares a good bond with his wife Jeannie Burris and son. Photo Source: Instagram

The couple has two baby boys together, Martin Burris, their first child, was born on March 25, 2018, after a year of their marriage. In early August 2020, the meteorologist and his wife welcomed their baby child, Alexander Miguel Burris, into the world.

The 30-year-old prefers to keep his personal life private, so he hasn’t revealed much about his wife, though he does frequently post pictures of his wife and child on social media. The couple shares a good bond and has mutual respect.

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