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‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Toby Sebastian Joins the Cast of ‘Epic’

'Game of Thrones' Actor Toby Sebastian Joins the Cast of 'Epic'

Game of Thrones star Toby Sebastian has joined the cast of the upcoming fairy tale show ‘Epic’ from the creators of Once Upon a Time.

Game of Thrones star Toby Sebastian is set to become the new cast of Epic, the latest fantasy series from the bosses of Once Upon a Time.

According to TVLine, the star will play the future husband, Philippe, in the ABC project, which will also feature Sarah Hyland of Modern Family as a princess named Rose.

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Epic is a romance anthology “that redefines fairy tales for a modern generation,” written by Brigitte Hales of Once Upon a Time and produced by Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis.

Rose is a princess about to wed her supposed Prince Charming, but her fairy tale is turned upside down when he has major doubts and she unwittingly introduces herself to the real world.

Sebastian’s persona Philippe is described as a typical fairy tale prince who believes he is destined to meet his soul mate. However, he comes to an unexpected fork in the lane, forcing him to rethink everything he believed he knew.

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Princess Luna will be played by Brittany O’Grady from Little Voice, and Eleanor Fanyinka from Holby City will play The Seer, an enigmatic character.

Epic is not centered in the same world as Once Upon a Time, and features brand new protagonists and twists on familiar tropes. Meanwhile, Jennifer Morrison, who played Emma Swan on Once Upon a Time, shielded the show from “cheesy” criticism earlier in the year.

You can stream Once Upon a Time on Disney+.

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Last modified: May 19, 2021