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Gloria Trevi’s Plastic Surgery: Are the Rumors True? Transformation After Jail Shocked Fans!

Gloria Trevi's Plastic Surgery: Are the Rumors About Her Going Under the Knife True? Transformation After Jail Shocked Fans!

Gloria Trevi had been in a lot of controversies in the past and now she is again in the middle of a controversy regarding her looks and the plastic surgery treatments she had in the past. Fans believe that Gloria Trevi is lying about her plastic surgery procedures and that she has numerous surgeries like liposuction, botox, browlift, cheek fillers, lip fillers, and a nose job.

Gloria Trevi is a Mexican musician, singer, and occasional actress. She launched her career with the independent album Qué Hago Aqui. More than two million copies were sold, and it peaked at number one in Latin America. It was a commercial success. Her subsequent album, Tu ngel de la Guarda, likewise became a hit thanks to the song Pelo Suelto.

Despite causing some controversy, the record was financially successful, selling about a million and a half copies. She quickly rose to stardom, but her career was destroyed when she and her manager were charged with corrupting children and teenagers, abusing them sexually, and even kidnapping them.

Despite fleeing Mexico, they were later caught and arrested in Brazil. Gloria Trevi made an effort to relaunch her career after being freed by releasing the album Cómo Nace el Universo. She is renowned for her acting in the Mexican TV series Libre para amarte, in addition to her music.

She seems to attract a lot of controversies and make a lot of news headlines with her actions and appearance. Some fans online were very brutal to her after they assumed that she had undergone plastic surgery. They made fun of her and made trolls online to mock her. Read this article to know more about Gloria Trevi’s cosmetic surgery procedures.

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Gloria Trevi’s Plastic Surgery Transformation Startled Her Fans; Fans Suggest the Singer Not Get Any More Plastic Surgery Treatments as It Might Harm Her Health!

Gloria Trevi (@gloriatrevi) is once again the subject of controversy. Still, this time it’s not because of her professional or personal life but rather because of how drastically her physical appearance has changed and continues to change owing to these drastic adjustments. Fans online suspect that she has undergone a nosejob, liposuction and lip fillers, botox, and even a brow lift. 

Gloria Trevi’s facial changes caused debate among her fans. Before her new and radical change of image, she faced criticism, and some even likened her to actress Luca Méndez, claiming that she looks completely different. Fans claim that now she is completely unrecognizable.

Gloria Trevi gushed about her new look in an Instagram video, coloring her hair auburn, without realizing that Internet followers would see everything except her hair. Everyone observed Gloria Trevi’s cheekbones appeared larger than usual, so they suspected she had undergone additional surgery.

A botox mistake caused Trevi to be taken to the hospital back in 2015, according to the old rumors. The Mexican singer, according to TVNotas, has acknowledged that she is absolutely authentic and has never undergone any kind of plastic surgery, not even botox. Gloria Trevi is reportedly in the hospital for abusing botox, according to a close source to the Pelo Suelto singer, who even said she had facial paralysis.

Fans and critics immediately began to criticize, mock, and make accusations. They even compared her before and after pictures and came to the conclusion that she had plastic surgery, even though she has been quite assiduous about having cosmetic procedures throughout her life and was on the verge of drastically altering her face to appear younger. One of her fans stated:

OMG has already lost its appearance! So beautiful she was, And those cheeks from Kiko, what? So pretty she was, How she has disfigured her face with botox, How this girl changed her face. It does not look like her, Keep putting shit on your cheekbones and you will end up like Lyn May.

Fans believe that after she got out of jail in Brazil she went overboard with plastic surgery procedures. Some fans also noticed that right after she got released from jail she tried to revive her career and alter her looks, but she seems to have failed to do both.

Over the years fans noticed many changes and suspected that she had gone under the knife many times. Some believe that she had a nose job as her nose looked smaller. She is believed to have done liposuction as her face looked tighter and younger.

Other possible surgeries that Gloria Trevi might have included check fillers and even a brow lift. Some people online believe that she might be addicted to plastic surgery enhancements and she went too far with it. And some of her will wishers recommend her to not get any more surgeries as it might affect her health in negative ways.

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