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Heather McDonald’s Plastic Surgery: Admitting to Getting CoolSculpting for Her Belly, Here’s All About the Plastic Surgery Procedures Heather McDonald Performed on Herself to Look Agelessly Beautiful!

Heather McDonald's Plastic Surgery: Admitting to Getting CoolSculpting for Her Belly, Here’s All About the Plastic Surgery Procedures Heather McDonald Performed on Herself to Look Agelessly Beautiful!

Known for her comedic stints, movies, TV shows, and podcasts as well, Heather McDonald is being the topic of the talk for her plastic surgery rumors. With pictures of her Instagram being scrutinized for being heavily photoshopped to being the target of plastic surgery allegations because of her supposed ‘forecast’ on Twitter, Heather McDonald’s appearance is being highly inspected by her followers. Admitting to getting CoolSculpting for her belly, what other procedure did the comedian perform on herself to look agelessly beautiful? Here are all the details on Heather McDonald’s plastic surgery.

American stand-up comedian, novelist, and actress Heather McDonald is best known for her stints on the E! program Chelsea Lately. She was one of the eight writers for the late-night comedic chat show in addition to acting in it who also routinely took part in the show’s sketches and segments.

Born in 1970 in the San Fernando Valley, Heather McDonald began her career in the 1990s by writing with Keenan Ivory Wayans. She worked as a singer and writer for MTV’s Lyricist Lounge in 2001 and 2002. Along with it, her career paced up when she appeared as one of Frasier‘s many blind dates on the television show Frasier.

Also a participant in the After Lately spin-off of that program, Heather produced the show. She also hosts the pop culture podcast Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald in addition to these comedic series.

Rumors about Heather McDonald’s plastic surgery have recently started spewing. People have been inspecting her appearance more closely than ever since she announced that she will be embarking on a new tour. Find out more about Heather McDonald’s cosmetic procedure now!

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Heather McDonald’s Plastic Surgery: Apart From CoolSculpting, Heather McDonald Might Have Gotten Botox, Facelifts, and Fillers as Well!

With a list of speculations going around, Heather McDonald (@heathermcdonald) is suspected of having Botox, Filler, Blepharoplasty as well as a Neck lift. Comparing her pictures when she was young and now, the distinct differences give all the evidence to confirm these non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

An immensely popular and well-liked comic, Heather McDonald has always been cherished by her throngs of followers. There has been a change in the interest of her followers who previously cared deeply about her content, what she had to say, and what she had to deliver as a comedian in her stand-up performances.

It appears that the era in which she was praised for her ability to make people laugh is passing. And now, more attention is being paid to how she has changed, specifically whether or not plastic surgery was involved.

Fans have been oddly but unsurprisingly fascinated with Heather McDonald’s appearance now that she has reached her forties and begun to age gradually. Aging gracefully, Heather’s lack of fine line and shaggy skin made many believe that she chose plastic surgery rather than aging naturally.

The difference in Heather’s appearance is that she no longer looks young, but neither does she appear to be getting older. She doesn’t have the creases or lines that individuals her age who age naturally do have on their faces, for example. Even if they lead a very healthy lifestyle, creases and wrinkles are inevitable.

Inspecting Heather McDonald’s pictures, her face looks unnatural and almost strange. It could either be due to the use of filters, makeup, and edits or the consequence of heavy plastic surgery which has altered her face unnaturally and more like a plastic way.

The telltale marks of having had Botox injections are Heather McDonald’s excessively smooth and shiny skin. Anti-wrinkle injections would also be indicated by the absence of even a few facial creases and lines, as well as crow’s eyes around the eyes. Many believe that her present waxy appearance makes everything clear.

Regarding fillers, her cheeks appear way too puffy. Even as a young girl, her cheeks weren’t that round. And now, despite the fact that it should be gradually losing fat and drooping, it seems fuller than ever. Fans, therefore, believe she had plastic surgery and that she had fillers.

Heather McDonald is also thought to have had a facelift since, in addition to having extremely full cheeks, they also appear to be quite tight and stretched out. Fans believe a facelift is to blame for the taut skin. She also tweeted a forecast she made on facelift plastic surgery for 2020.

She claimed that because everyone’s fillers would disintegrate, people would simply remove the sagging skin behind their ears like our grandmothers used to do, and then wear a stylish face mask while their wounds healed.

The comedian wrote:

Facelifts will make a huge comeback b/c everyone’s fillers will dissolve and then they will just pull the saggy skin behind their ears like our grand mothers did and then wear a fashionable face mask until it’s healed. #QuarentineLife

Heather McDonald also filmed herself getting CoolScultping at IGlow Med Spa in Beverly Hills to target her troubled tummy areas. Supporting the procedure, Heather said in an interview with Daily Mail:

I have never had invasive plastic surgery and was afraid of liposuction. CoolSculpting targets the area and there is no cutting or down time I didn’t even need a pain pill.

Saying goodbye to her squirting stomach, CoolSculpting has been the only surgery Heather McDonald has accepted getting. Other than that the comedian hasn’t admitted to getting anything done to her face.

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