Homefront on Netflix 2020 – Is the Jason Statham Actioner in the Streaming Platform?

Homefront on Netflix 2020 - Is the Jason Statham Actioner in the Streaming Platform?

Jason Statham vs. James Franco is not exactly a fair fight, now, is it? Well, that is precisely what director Gary Fleder and screenwriter Sylvester Stallone gave us. In any case, James held his own with a creepy performance, and seven years later, in 2020, people are searching for Homefront on Netflix.

The movie was an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Chuck Logan, released in 2005. Sylvester Stallone wanted to turn the book into a film, so he wrote a screenplay intending to star in the movie. But later, he dropped out, and Jason Statham took over the role in Homefront.

Filming for the movie took place in New Orleans from 1 October 2012, with the film arriving in theatres in November of 2013. Homefront starring Jason Statham was not well received by the critics but did okay business at the box office. After the initial theatre release, the movie has been alive and kicking on streaming platforms. Now, people want to know, “is Homefront on Netflix in 2020?”

Homefront on Netflix 2020 – Came and Went a Long Time Ago

Jason Statham plays a father as he tries to protect his daughter from gangsters and assassins on Homefront. After a short stint on the big screen, the movie made its way to home-media. This was still a time when people used to buy DVDs. We watched this movie on DVD, over six years ago.

For the question, “is Homefront on Netflix in 2020?” the short answer is no. The movie was on Netflix for a while in 2014. But we are not certain when it was removed. There not many Jason Statham movies you can enjoy on Netflix.

Netflix Europe only has Death Race in some regions. But Homefront on Netflix in 2020 is a pipedream, considering the film is available on Amazon Prime Video, like many of Statham’s flicks. Safe is another movie where Jason protects a little girl from assassins and gangsters; that movie is also available on Prime Video.

Homefront on Netflix – Which Streaming Platform Has the Movie?

Homefront is not on Netflix, the film was on the streaming platform in 2014, but it is not the case now. But Netflix is not the only option available for audiences who want to see Jason Statham and his daughter actioner.

You can find the movie on YouTube, Vudu, iTunes, Google Play Movies & TV, and Amazon Prime Video. On all of those platforms, you have to pay $3.99 for a rental. We will not say the movie is worth it, but if you are actively searching for under-seen Statham action movies, then Homefront will do just fine.

What is Jason Statham Film Homefront About?

Homefront on Netflix - The streaming platform does not carry the Jason Statham action movie.Homefront on Netflix – The streaming platform does not carry the Jason Statham action movie.
Source: IMDb

Over the past few decades, Jason Statham has appeared in numerous action movies. He was the master of low budget, B+ film, which made enough money and generated enough interest to keep his career going.

But in the latter part of 2020, Jason Statham has moved on to big-budget flicks, carrying Meg, and playing a supporting (movie stealing) role in Fast and Furious franchise, including spinoff Hobbs & Shaw. This is probably the reason why people are going back searching for old Statham low budget flicks.

Homefront on Netflix is trending, which is why the movie is getting a lot of attention. The film was released almost seven years ago, and the story followed a father-daughter duo moving to a quiet town and trouble finding them.

Jason Statham plays retired DEA and U.S. veterans whose last bust went bad, resulting in the family of two moving to Jason’s dead wife’s hometown. But small trouble turns into a big battle between local meth dealer Gator, played creepily by James Franco, and Jason’s character Phil Broker.

Jason Statham Movie Homefront Cast

For a low-to-mid budget movie, Homefront had a star-studded cast to play with. Jason Statham starred as Phil Broker, and Izabela Vidovic played his daughter Maddy Broker. Winona Ryder played Sheryl Marie Mott, with scene-stealer Kate Bosworth playing Cassie Bodine Klum. Omar Benson Miller also appeared in the film, playing Teedo.

Homefront Critical Reception – What Did The Critics Say About the Film?

On Rotten Tomatoes Homefront holds a rotten score of 44% with the critical consensus reading, “While it boasts a capable cast, the disappointingly dull Homefront hearkens back to classic action thrillers without adding anything to the genre.”

Metacritic is the same story with the movie holding a 40 score. Over 100,000 fans on IMDb were less harsh though with a 6.5/10 score on the aggregate platform. The film also has a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon Prime Video from over 3,000 Amazon users and a 91% approval by Google users.

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