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How Many Kids Does Gwen Stefani Have? Who Is the Father of Her Children? Is It Gavin Rossdale or Blake Shelton? How Old Are They?

How Many Kids Does Gwen Stefani Have? Who Is the Father of Her Children? Is It Gavin Rossdale or Blake Shelton? How Old Are They?

Gwen Stefani is a pop icon who also happens to be a mother of three kids. With her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, she has three sons. Gwen began dating her The Voice co-star Blake Shelton in 2015, and the couple got engaged in 2020. He has become a father figure to the three boys as Gwen’s new man, however, has yet to have his own child. Additionally, Gwen Stefani has spoken extensively about Blake’s parenting abilities.

Gwen Renée Stefani aka Gwen Stefani has achieved success as a solo artist, an actress, and a founding member and lead singer of the ska-pop group No Doubt. She rose to prominence as the lead singer of the band No Doubt in the 1990s. Stefani reformed No Doubt in 2012 after leaving the band in the early 2000s to pursue a solo career. She has since released more solo material and has served as a coach on multiple seasons of the singing competition series The Voice.

Gwen Stefani (b. October 3, 1969) hails from Fullerton, California. Since breaking out as the lead singer of No Doubt, Stefani has become a popular and powerful figure in the worlds of music and fashion. Stefani became interested in fashion at a young age after learning to sew from her mother. Her older brother Eric, who listened to ska revival bands like Madness, influenced her musical tastes. Eric co-founded the band No Doubt with friend John Spence as the lead singer, and Gwen soon joined as the group’s second vocalist. After Spence committed suicide in 1987, Stefani took over as No Doubt’s lead singer.

Gwen Stefani is well-known for her expertise in both music and fashion. However, one aspect of the entertainer’s life that people should be aware of is how wonderful a mother she is to her three sons, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo. Continue reading to see the best photos of Gwen’s three sons and learn more about them.

Gwen Stefani Has Three Kids With Her Ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, Who Live With Her Now-Husband, Blake Shelton: Meet Gwen’s Three Children and Know How Old They Are in 2022!

Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) has three kids named Kingston, Zuma Nesta Rock, and Apollo Bowie Flynn. All three boys were born during her marriage with her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale. However, the 52-year-old star does not have any children with her new husband, Blake Shelton.

Many fans believe Gwen and Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton) want to expand their family by having a child. Some sources have claimed that Stefani, 52, is willing to undergo IVF in order to become pregnant, while others have claimed that they are open to adoption. The newlywed couple is yet to have children together.

Fans will have to wait and see what the future holds for Gwen and Shelton because they haven’t directly addressed the rumors that they want to have a baby. Right now, it appears that the singers are content to add animals to their family, such as a couple of adorable baby pigs.

For the time being, Gwen Stefani and her husband are focusing on their careers and hobbies, such as gardening at their ranch in Oklahoma, far away from the spotlight. They are also responsible for Stefani’s three young children, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale (@gavinrossdale). On the other hand, she doesn’t have a daughter. Since dating her Voice coworker and now husband Blake Shelton, the singer-songwriter has spoken out about what it’s like to co-parent with her partner.

Actually, Blake is a good father. He’s been a huge help to her with her three boys. According to the photos Gwen shares with her sons, she’s a pretty cool mom and their squad is extremely close, which is why Blake knew he had to include the boys in his proposal to their mother.

The No Doubt lead singer and her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, have three sons. Gwen Stefani and Bush frontman welcomed their children during their 13-year marriage. Even though the former couple divorced in 2015, they have continued to do everything in their power to be the best co-parents for their children. Similarly, the stars are doing their best to educate their children as they grow up in the spotlight, but the singer revealed she’s learned a lot from her boys. Her sons have taught her the importance of organization.

Kingston, Gwen’s eldest son, was born on May 26, 2006. He is 16 years old. Despite the fact that he is still a teen, he is already making his mark in the entertainment industry, much like his famous parents. He was named one of GQ‘s 30 under 30 most stylish young men in Hollywood in 2012.

Kingston also spends a lot of time with his parents, as evidenced by the numerous times he’s been seen out and about with them — it’s no surprise their coolness is rubbing off on him. He is not only fashionable, but he also knows how to get dirty. The brunette cutie enjoys fishing with his stepdad, Blake, according to his mom’s social media.

Zuma Nesta Rock, 14, born on August 22, 2008, is a pretty cool kid in his own right. As evidenced by the photo above, he is taking after his parents’ great style. Zuma, like his older brother, enjoys being outside. Gwen’s famous family, her boys, and Blake’s ranch in Oklahoma enjoy their time in nature while quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Apollo Bowie Flynn, 8, is the youngest of the group, having been born on February 28, 2014, but little is known about him. Gwen Stefani, on the other hand, revealed she was an emotional wreck when he started kindergarten. On New Year’s Eve 2021, the boys were seen spending time with their father, Gavin.

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