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Windi is Over – Walker Bryant and Indi Star Breaks Up! Is It Real or Prank?

Windi is Over!!! Indi Star and Walker Bryant breaks up!!! And this time it’s not a prank, its for real!

By now all the ‘Windi’ gang might already know about how Walker Bryant and Indi Star broke up. Sadly the wind has sailed their ‘ship” relationship to different directions. And yes it hurts, the news of internet’s youth influencers and loved couple parting their ways surely made all of us (fans) feel apart too.

If you guys been following Walker and Indi then you might well know that the couple started their ‘crush’ relationship after Indi came to Walker life being a Secret Admirer – dropping mysterious packages and traces to meet her. Walker who followed em’ and  fell for the cupids.

Over the period, both were into different relation’ships’; Walker was a crush with Piper Rockelle and similarly Indi’s crush was Sawyer Sharbino.  So how did they fall in love? And why they broke up now? And most importantly what is the main reason behind their split. So in-order to know all the facts here we provide you with the details.

What has happened so far? Why did Indi and Walker broke up?

Indi star and Walker Bryant are yet to share the real reason behind their split. But as far as we know the ‘Just Might Dance’ hitmaker has deleted all her snaps with Walker; it was shocking. However, on the other hand Walker has kept some of Windi memories alive keeping some of the captured moments on Instagram.

Why Indi Star and Walker Bryant broke up? Grab fact here...

Indi’s Instagram bio shows her ‘Single’.
Image Source: Walker Instagram

And we knew the relationship has finally come to an after Indi unfollowed every Windi fanpage which she mentioned from Indigo Star Carey Instagram. Indi first wave came,

If u have been unfollowed today, please know that i love u so muh and respect your loyality if u were an active fan account of me and would like me to follow u please email me. 

Changes are coming to my IG!!!
Indi Star

Later Indi confirmed her breakup and confronting it was not a prank  taking to his Instagram story where she shared,

Wind is Over – it is not a prank – i will not be making a video about it – please respect my privacy right now – thanku! – Indi Star

After initially there was news of Star unfollowing Bryant on Instagram but as of now both of them  follow each other on Instagram.

Breakup Prank Became Heavy on Bryant

Prior to their breakup, three weeks ago from now, Walker pranked Indi that he wants to break up with cause he’s moving from California to south caroloina reasoning that he wants to live near his parents in Ohio.


But as Indi stated it’s not a prank and as shared during the end of Walker prank Indi shared she would ‘get him back’. So majority of fans are also dubious that it might be a prank from Indi Star. What make us more suspicious? Well they are still in Vibe Crew LA. -Grab all details about the new young and talented rising stars group

So what do you guys think about their split, is it for sure or another prank? Fore more Daily Dose, Telly World, Pop Buzz, Silver Screen and Netflix & Co. news  visit Still A Bae- Before anything Else.


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Last modified: September 11, 2020