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Is Benedict Bridgerton Gay? Bridgerton Star Sexual Orientation Explained!

Is Benedict Bridgerton Gay? Bridgerton Star Sexual Orientation, marriage, Explained!

Although “Bridgerton” is Luke Thompson’s most well-known part, it isn’t his first major acting role, nor is it his first time working with Netflix. Thompson has appeared in “Dunkirk,” “Misbehaviour,” and “Kiss Me First,” a Netflix thriller miniseries. Of course, he’s now commonly recognized as “Bridgerton’s” second-eldest sibling.

Of the eight Bridgerton siblings, Thompson most resembles his fictitious counterpart. He, like Benedict, enjoys the theater and fine arts and wants to keep his personal life hidden from the public eye. The actor appeared to be engaged in a similar game. Fans will have to wait until season three to learn more about Benedict’s love story and, as a result, about the British actor.

The gates of Shondaland are swinging wide open on Netflix now that Bridgerton’s first season has landed in its entirety, bringing Shonda Rhimes’ vision to life in all of its decadent grandeur.

Based on the bestselling Julia Quinn novels, Bridgerton reimagines England’s Regency age as one of tolerance, with no ethnic barriers. People are still divided by class, unfortunately, and this isn’t the only bias that exists in this world of corsets and scandal.

Bridgerton, Netflix’s smash-hit period romance set in Regency-era England and based on Julia Quinn’s eponymous novel series, is a hot period romance set in Regency-era England. The sitcom centers around the titular Bridgerton family, a prolific aristocratic household with eight alphabetically named siblings, and is a delightful escapist treat.

The first season of “Bridgerton” centers on Daphne, the oldest daughter, and her passionate, whirlwind affair with Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings. Benedict Bridgerton, the second Bridgerton sibling, and Daphne’s older brother are among the colourful cast of supporting characters.

Interested in learning more about this dashing Bridgerton lad? Everything you need to know about Benedict is right here.

Is Benedict Bridgerton Gay?

Those expecting Benedict to tell an LGBT story this season will be disappointed, as the Bridgerton brother develops emotions for a girl he meets at art school. Benedict never expresses publicly in Season 1 that he has doubts about his sexuality.

Even though he and Henry Granville have a lot of tension in various scenes, it is later revealed that he is having an affair with a man. Genevieve’s love interest.

Bridgerton was accused of “queerbaiting” audiences when it came to LGBTQ viewers. Shonda Rhimes, a Hollywood creative/executive noted for her LGBTQ representation in shows like Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, Scandal, and others is part of the reason for this.

Benedict Bridgerton Gay

 Benedict Bridgerton is not gay as in a later episode he is discovered falling in love with a lady (Photo Source: Pinterest)

Many people assumed they’d obtain comparable material. Shonda Rhimes is producing the film rather than writing it or acting as the showrunner. Chris Van Dusen was once again in charge of this.

A shot of two men embracing was also featured in the show’s teaser trailer. Many people, including myself (honestly), assumed that this meant Bridgerton would feature a gay romance storyline. Unfortunately, that was not the case, since that single shot was the first season’s only LGBT inclusion.

Benedict is astonished to see Sir Granville making love to another guy in one of the rooms while looking for more privacy.

Later, he inquires about Granville’s chosen lifestyle and its impact on his wife. Benedict’s queries are typically nonjudgmental and genuinely curious.

Apart from interviewing Sir Granville, Benedict is captivated by Granville’s homosexuality, but nothing else happens in season 1 to suggest that Benedict is gay himself.

Unfortunately, that was not the case, since that single shot was the first season’s only LGBT inclusion. It did, however, leave the possibility of Benedict Bridgerton, a closeted gay or bisexual guy, being explored further.

It did, however, leave the possibility of Benedict Bridgerton, a closeted gay or bisexual guy, being explored further. Even though the source material, An Offer From A Gentleman, depicts him falling in love with a lady.

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In Season 1, it is never explicitly stated that Benedict is questioning his sexuality. Although there is considerable tension between him and Henry Granville in several sequences, He is later discovered to be having an affair with a woman.

Benedict maintains his contact with Genevieve and even informs Eloise and Anthony of it. Benedict can therefore be assumed to be straight for the time being.

Who does Benedict Marry (Spoiler!)?

The Bridgertons and Lady Whistledown have been presented to us for the past two years. Finally, the period drama has returned to our screens, bringing with it more romance and scandal than ever before.

After Season 1 saw Daphne and Simon finally express their true feelings for each other and tie the knot, Season 2 will focus on a new Bridgerton’s quest for love, using the same framework as the books.

Fans, on the other hand, are eager to find out who Benedict—the second eldest Bridgerton brother—will marry and whether the sexuality issues raised in the previous episode will be addressed. This is a common misunderstanding.

Benedict marries Sophia “Sophie” Beckett in Julia Quinn’s third Bridgerton novel. (Photo Source: YouTube)

Benedict marries SophiaSophie” Beckett in Julia Quinn’s third Bridgerton novel, An Offer From a Gentleman, in An Offer From a Gentleman.

Season 2 of the show, on the other hand, focuses on Anthony’s love story rather than Benedict’s.

It’s a love story that’s very similar to Cinderella from Disney. Benedict meets a mysterious girl at a masquerade party and falls head over heels for her. She does, however, depart the party by midnight, leaving just a glove behind to help Benedict locate her, much to Benedict’s chagrin.

Two years later, Benedict saves Sophia from a bunch of guys and gives her a job, unaware that she is his long-lost love. Torn between his feelings for her and his yearning for the disguised maiden, Benedict decides to propose to Sophia.

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Because each season of the show will centre on a different Bridgerton sibling’s love story (like in the books), we may conclude that season 2 will be about Anthony’s search for true love, and season 3 will be about Benedict’s (if the series continues for that long). If the show’s creators decide to stick to the source material, the second Bridgerton boy could be in for a Cinderella-like storybook romance.

Thankfully, Netflix has already renewed Bridgerton for seasons 3 and 4, so fans can look forward to seeing this epic love story on TV in the future.

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