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Is Rhys McClenaghan Gay? Then Who’s His Girlfriend!

Is Rhys McClenaghan Gay? Then Who's His Girlfriend!

Grab all details of Ireland gymnast Rhys McClenaghan’s gay rumors and longtime time girlfriend Rebecca!

If you have been following the internet lately then you might already hear the rumors of Rhys McClenaghan being gay! So in order to learn the real facts ahead, we present you with all the details.

The rumors began to swirl after the 21 years old Rhys shared a video titling Today Episode of Fake News at Olympics, the beds are made to be anti-sex”.

Rhys Gay Rumors Started to Swirl After Anti-Sex Beds!

Yes, shortly after McClenaghan shared the post regarding anti-sex recyclable beds, fans seem to be going crazy coming up with assumptions regarding Rhys’s sexuality.

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But when it comes to the word medalist, Rhys has never confessed anything regarding bisexuality or belonging to the LGBTQI group. So as per the view of Rhys, he’s straight and not gay.

And besides, this is not the first time, McClenaghan has been pointed out with controversies following his Tweet as over the past years, the Olympic level gymnast has caused a lot of stir on social media.

Does Rhys McClenaghan Have Girlfriend?

Yes, the three-time Word Cup Gold Medalist Rhys is in a long-time relationship with girlfriend Rebecca who is popular for her Instagram handle rebeccca.g. McClenaghan often posts their lovey-dovey snaps on Instagram (@rhysmcc1).

Rhys McClenaghan

Going stronger for 4 years. (Image Source: Instagram)

Not much information about their dating life is available, but as mentioned by Rhys in his Instagram post, the pair have been dating for 4 years now. And overlooking their posts, it seems like they are surely into some committed relationship.

Talking about Rhys girlfriend Rebecca, she maintains a private social media profile, which is why there is not much information related to her personal life and details. However, looking at her Insta bio, Rebecca is a Canadian currently residing in Australia.

Well, assuming Rhys relationship status, athlete career, we believe McClenaghan to be straight. And all the gay rumors seem to be fake by the one pissed through his controversial tweet.

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Last modified: July 19, 2021