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Kaley Cuoco & Husband Karl Cook are Divorcing After 3 Years of Married Life

Kaley Cuoco & Husband Karl Cook are Divorcing After 3 Years of Married Life

Kaley Cuoco and her husband Karl Cook are set to divorce after a marriage that lasted three years. Learn the reason they called it quits!

Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco are calling it quits to their marriage. The pair announced their split in a joint statement on 3rd September, according to People.

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They said in a statement,

Despite a deep love and respect for one another, we have realized that our current paths have taken us in opposite directions.

They added,

We have both shared so much of our journey publicly so while we would prefer to keep this aspect of our personal life private, we wanted to be forthcoming in our truth together. There is no anger or animosity, quite the contrary.

The statement continued, they have both discussed so much of their journey openly, and while they’d prefer to keep this portion of their personal lives private, they wanted to be honest with each other. There is no hostility or rage, in fact, the complete opposite.

They made those decisions jointly out of a great deal of respect and concern for each other, and they ask the fans to do the same, with the knowledge that they will not be releasing any other information or reacting further.

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The couple began their relationship in 2016, and they celebrated their engagement on her birthday on 30th November 2017. They exchanged vows on 30th June 2018, in a ceremony attended by friends and family near San Diego, California.

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