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The final chapter in the connection between Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman ends, as four years after their separation in 2015, the former couple has finally resolved their divorce.

The divorce papers were signed on 4 November 2019. The long-term relationship had already broken down in 2015, after which the now-former husband and wife had begun to live separately.

However, her ex-husband, Len Wiseman, did not take the time to file a divorce paper and get rid of the problem once and for all. Let’s find out more about the divorce statement made by the Los Angeles court.

Divorce After Split, Children Info

This was the second time that Kate Beckinsale had faced a significant setback in a long-lasting relationship. Even before the current split, the Underworld actress had eight years of relationship with Michael Sheen but never married.

During their time together, in January 1999, Kate even gave birth to a daughter named Lilly. While the couple divided in 2003, their daughter was parented by both exes.

Kate fell in love with Len Wiseman soon after the split. The two married at Bel-Air Hotel on 9 May 2004, where Lily’s daughters also gave a marriage ring from Len. Everything among the pair seemed steady, and it felt like they were born for each other after a decade.

Nonetheless, 2015 showed that everyone was right as the husband-wife couple decided to split. Eventually, Len filed a divorce with inconceivable differences as the reason for the separation.

The divorce papers revealed that the two agreed not to receive spousal support, but there was an agreement with the film director on the division of property.

The former couple has no children of their own, so they do not have to comply with child support and co-parenting obligations.

Age, Dating And Relationship Status

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KateBeckinsale-46 years of age-returns to a stress-free life after four years of divorce proceedings with former husband, Len Wiseman.

The relationship was on the line, but the Jolt actress didn’t let anything like that take a toll on her. When she split up with Len in 2015, she spent most of her time with her ex-Michael and daughter Lilly.

The co-parents are seen enjoying their daughter’s college arrival in fashion as they were both left in tears of good news. They also have no problem with childcare, as Kate is extremely friendly with the girlfriend of Michael, Sarah Silverman.

They’re spending holidays, special occasions together, and the three of them were once posing for a picture on the red carpet. While Kate’s counterparts were able to find love, the actress still seeks a perfect match.

As of 2019, Kate had been dating comedian Pete Davidson for four months, but she couldn’t make it through with him. It was also reported on 4 November 2019 that she had once asked Ian McKellen to marry her, which indicates that her quest for a partner was a long one.

Kate was also very emotional as she asked her daughter whether she was addicted after a nightmare, which she experienced a day ago. Kate sure is funny, screenshotting the conversation with her daughter, Kate considered the event to be very humorous in her life.

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