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Who is Kerryon Johnson Girlfriend in 2021?? Is He Dating Someone? Here’s What We Know So Far

Kerryon Johnson girlfriend in 2021 Ashley Marie Kelsey

Here’s what you should know about Kerryon Johnson girlfriend in 2021. Is the American football running back dating anyone? Let’s find out.

Who doesn’t know Kerryon Johnson? As charming he looks, he is magical on the field as well. The 23-year-old American football running back is currently a free agent, but the future seems all bright for him.

One thing for sure, Kerryon Johnson has already won the hearts of many of his female fans but is the football player available? We are here to find out just that. So without further ado, let’s find out more about Kerryon’s relationship and girlfriend.

Who is Kerryon Johnson Girlfriend in 2021?

Since we were too eager to find out about the American football player’s relationship in 2021, well, sad news for girls who were crushing on him, ladies, Kerryon Johnson is, officially, off the market.

According to reports and the 23-year-old’s social profile, he is already in a blissful relationship with his girlfriend. After a few research and stalking, we found out that Kerryon Johnson’s girlfriend is Ashley Marie Kelsey.

Kerryon Johnson girlfriend in 2021 Ashley Marie Kelsey

Kerryon Johnson is in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Ashley Marie Kelsey.
Photo Source: Kerryon Johnson, Instagram

Kerryon Johnson and his girlfriend, Ashley Marie Kelsey, are dating for a long time now, and it seems their relationship is here to stay.

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The last time Kerryon uploaded a picture of him with his girlfriend was in January of 2021. In the picture, the couple is seen holding a love book. On the caption, Kerry wrote,

“No better gift to get than a love book for your significant other! Helps to remind you of all the good times in the past and also helping remind them of what you love about them! My @lovebookonline always makes Ashley smile so obviously, it’s a great gift. Use code KERRYON to get 20% off for this Valentine’s Day.”

Who is Kerryon Johnson Girlfriend, Ashley Marie Kelsey?

According to her profile, Kerryon Johnson girlfriend, Ashley Marie Kelsey, is a fitness and Instagram model. You will often see her posting pictures related to lifestyle, health, and fitness. However, things have changed a little for the model now.

After we stalked the profile, we found Kelsey is pregnant with her first child with Kerryon Johnson. The first time the couple revealed they are going to be parents was in December of 2020, and at the same time, Kerryon and Ashley also revealed the gender of the baby.

Kerryon Johnson Girlfriend in 2021 Ashley Marie Kelsey

Kerryon Johnson and his girlfriend are pregnant; The couple will welcome a baby girl soon.
Photo Source: Ashley Marie Kelsey, Instagram


According to their gender reveal video, the couple is soon going to welcome a baby girl. It was Ashley who broke the news of their pregnancy; during the time, the Instagram model took to her profile to announce the news.

On the caption, Ashley Marie Kelsey wrote,

“Our biggest blessing yet! ?? Just call us Mom and Dad. We can’t wait to meet you, little girl. ?”

Following the announcement, Kelsey’s comment section was showered with well-wishes and congratulatory messages.

One fan wrote, ” love that he said just gotta go to jail!! He alreadyyyy knows! This is realistic reaction to gender reveal and I love it! ?????”

Another fan wrote, “I had my son almost 8 years ago and my first daughter a year ago. Boys are definitely easier but my daughter… I can’t even explain the feeling. I never knew I wanted a baby girl but today, she her myself and her daddy wrapped around her fingers ?♥️ Congrats to you both! @ashleymariekelsey”

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