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Kim Jong-un Weight Loss

Kim Jong Un Weight Loss

Grab all details of Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un weight loss with before and after comparison.

If you are updated with the recent news and politics, then you might definitely know about North Korea lader Kim Jong-un weight loss.

If you’ve been updated then back in 2020, we all knew that Kim health was one of the major concern as people also came with speculations of Kim being dead.

Days after his disappearance, some of the western media outlets claimed him dead which was due to Korea strict policy to keep their personal information private from the media outlets.

Kim Jong Un Weight Loss

The 37 years old Kim Jong has surely undergone weightloss. The changes can be witnessed via his recent pictures.

Kim Jung-un weightloss before & after. (Image Source: Pinterest)

As we mentioned Kim prefers to keep his personal affairs miles away from media outlets, however, Kim recent clip made Pyongyang citizen worried about his health.

However, Kim is yet to address uodates regarding his health issues and complications. Back in 2020, some of the citizen noticed ‘mark on his mark on his wrist‘ which they believe to have come while performing some medical procedures.

So summing all things up, Kim Jong un Weight loss is assumed to be because of his undisclosed illness.

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Last modified: September 17, 2021