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‘Legacies’ Star Danielle Rose Russell Discusses Her Journey to Stardom

'Legacies' Star Danielle Rose Russell Discusses Her Journey to Stardom

‘Legacies’ beauty Danielle Rose Russell talks about her journey to stardom, how she got into acting, the tough balancing act between work and school, and finally her acting inspiration.

The CW‘s Legacies is the fresh spin-off from the network’s popular supernatural teen drama The Vampire Diaries and its successor The Originals.

Set in 2028, a decade following the events of the parent show, Legacies stars Danielle Rose Russell as super-powerful “tribrid” Hope Mikaelson, whose father is supernatural hybrid Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) while her mother is werewolf Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin).

Premiering in 2018, Legacies is currently on season 3 while The CW has already handed the green light for the fourth rendition.

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Amidst her growing fame, Teen Vogue previously sat down with Danielle Rose Russell and discussed her transition from The Vampire Diaries fan to a mighty tribrid Hope Mikaelson.

The talented actress revealed how she into acting, and more impressively how she managed to balance going to classes, catching up with friends, and several acting roles.

Speaking of her journey to stardom and the challenges of juggling numerous things at the same time, the 21-year-old said,

I started really working in like 2014, so I was 13, 14 years old. In the beginning [I thought I would do small roles], but my next job was [traveling] to Hawaii for four months. So that was the first time I really felt that pressure of “I have to go to school and do this”.

She added,

At the time my school was great and worked with me. But, then I got into high school and it just kind of became a lot, so I went to online schooling, which ended up being perfect.

Russell was willing to work and go to school at the same time. And she’s certainly made real friends and those who love her throughout this crazy ride.

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As for her acting inspirations, Danielle insists, “that’s so difficult! I have so many.” However, if she needs to name one, she reckons it’s definitely Rachel McAdams since she’s worked with her in one of her first movies and she’s been a hugely inspirational figure ever since.

The Hope Mikaelson actress – currently the speculations of noticeable change in physique – continued,

I think she’s incredibly talented. But, I’m always studying actors and movies. You can never not do your homework.

Legacies starring Danielle Rose Russell is available to stream on Netflix.

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