Lucifer's Tom Ellis and Lauren German Tease "Bittersweet" Ending for Season 6

Sep 3, 2021 @ 17:56 GMT+0000
Lucifer's Tom Ellis and Lauren German Tease Bittersweet Ending for Season 6

Lucifer's lead stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German are teasing a "bittersweet" ending for season 6.

The stars of Lucifer Tom Ellis and Lauren German predict that by the conclusion of the fantasy drama's hotly awaited final season, fans will be "sobbing."

Before the show's debut on 10th September, the actors who depict the titular devil and investigator Chloe Decker, respectively, hailed the radical new phase as "bittersweet," telling fans that there will be as many euphoric occasions as tearjerkers.

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Ellis joked to TV Line,

I hope that they'll be crying, I really hope they'll be sobbing. And then I hope that their hearts will be filled with joy at the same time.

German added,

Yeah I agree, I think, you know, hopefully it's gratifying… as Tom was saying earlier, I think 'bittersweet' is a great encapsulating term for the ending. I think fans will get what they want and I think it doesn't cheat.

German continued,

It doesn't gloss anything over or make anything too easy, but I think ultimately they'll get what they want to see.

The final episode of Season 5 saw Lucifer journey to Heaven and ultimately kill himself in an effort to save Chloe, unintentionally proving himself worthy of becoming the next God.

The next installment picks up a bit later, reuniting us with the ex-Lord of Hell as he tries to accept his new responsibilities.

Ellis explained,

The journey that Chloe and Lucifer have been on up to this point has been great, but this season is kind of new territory for them, where they're working together as a partnership. That's something that they've never experienced before together, you know, it leans into everything that we've kind of earned up to this moment.

German added,

We're fighting the same battle and we're there for each other. There's good times and bad times like any other couple but we're finally together and without spoiling anything, there's a lot for us to work on together as a team and to strive for.

Lucifer seasons 4 and 5 ais currently accessible on Netflix.

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