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Matt James Seeks Therapist Following Conclusion of ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25

Matt James Seeks Therapist Following Conclusion of 'The Bachelor' Season 25

Matt James is seeking a therapist after the controversial season of ‘The Bachelor’ finally ended this week.

After this week’s contentious The Bachelor finale, Matt James is reflecting on himself.

The Season 25 star stated on Tuesday he was seeking a therapist, merely a day after announcing on the After the Final Rose special that he and winner Rachael Kirkconnell had broken up over race conflicts.

James tweeted,

✍? Google ✍? Therapist ✍? Near me

James, a professional real estate broker, was dubbed the show’s first black “Bachelor” last year. Kirkconnell, 24, a graphic artist from Georgia, rapidly emerged as the strongest contender during his historic run which began in January.

Kirkconnell, though, quickly became the subject of controversy after pictures of her celebrating an antebellum-themed college party in 2018 appeared on the internet. In February, she apologized, saying:

I was ignorant, but my ignorance was racist.

The 29-year-old James on this week’s After the Final Rose special stated,

If you don’t understand that something like that is problematic in 2018, there’s a lot of me that you won’t understand. I stepped back and let her do the work she’s committed to doing.

Multiple publications have since tried reaching out to James as well as former The Bachelor alum Olivia Caridi, who was part of Ben Higgins‘ season five years ago.

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Caridi tweeted:

We’re here for you Matt. I’m so sorry for comments from horrible people. I know it’s hard to ignore them, but there are so many people within Bach Nation who care about you.

Meanwhile, during his appearance on Good Morning America this week, James shared his own experiences from his time on the show.

The Bachelor star said the discussions that have occurred as a result of all that has transpired are more significant than anything he might have left with. And if that means leaving under the conditions that he left under, so be it.

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