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Matthew McConaughey is Bringing Jake Brigance to Life Once Again

Matthew McConaughey is Bringing Jake Brigance to Life Once Again

Matthew McConaughey is reprising the role of lawyer Jake Brigance in the upcoming ‘A Time to Kill’ sequel series.

In a forthcoming sequel show, Matthew McConaughey will be reprising his role from the ’90s courtroom crime drama A Time to Kill.

Back in 1996, the Academy-award winner starred as Jake Brigance, a lawyer from Mississippi tasked with defending a person who murdered two other men after he learns about them brutally assaulting his 10-year-old daughter.

The rest of the cast includes household names like Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd, and Samuel L. Jackson.

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The new series, which is currently in production at HBO, will be centered on John Grisham‘s latest suspense thriller novel, A Time for Mercy, as per Variety.

The book, published over three decades after the original, follows Brigance as he tries to clear the name of a young man charged with killing his mother’s abusive partner.

McConaughey, who recently featured in Guy Ritchie‘s action comedy film The Gentlemen, (2019) is no stranger to a challenging HBO production, having previously starred in the first season of True Detective alongside Woody Harrelson. In it, he portrayed Rust Cohle, a homicide investigator disturbed by his daughter’s passing.

He was scheduled to join forces with True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto for the FX conspiracy drama Redeemer later in 2021, the network ended up canceling the project altogether.

As for silver screen projects, right now McConaughey is shooting the sequel to the popular animated musical film Sing, in which he voices the showbiz-obsessed koala, Buster Moon.

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Last modified: March 20, 2021