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MaveriX/Maverix Cast: Netflix’s Aussie Motocross Series Has Exciting Young Talents!

MaveriX/Maverix Cast: Netflix's Aussie Motocross Series Has Exciting Young Talents!

MaveriX or (Maverix on Netflix) is an Australian drama Tv series that follows a group of teenage motocross riders competing for the public titles with lots of obstacles. The series was released in Australia in April, however, it is all set to be released on May 11 globally through Netflix. Many viewers are curious to know about the series’ cast and crew members as well. Well, we’ve got you covered.

MaveriX is a children’s and teenagers drama television series from Australia. The series follows a group of junior motocross riders who are chosen for the first-ever MaveriX Academy in Alice Springs, Australia’s dirtbike capital. The six teenagers are pushed to their limits, with the goal of joining a professional racing team.

Sam Meikle, Fin Edquist, Michelle Offen, and Kelly Schilling are the writers of the MaveriX drama series. Meanwhile, Rachel Clements and Trisha Morton-Thomas of Brindle Films are the producers of the ten-part series. Similarly, Bernadette O’Mahony and creators Rachel Clements, Sam Meikle, and Isaac Elliott serve as executive producers. The series was filmed in Alice Springs in 2021.

The ABC, the Northern Territory Government, and Screen Territory have all contributed to this initiative, which is also supported by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation and the South Australian Film Corporation. The series premiered in Australia on April 1 by landing on the ABC iview platform.

All ten episodes are now available, but only to Australian residents. Netflix took the responsibility to distribute it worldwide. Similarly, it includes young and talented cast members who make the show even better. Let’s have a glimpse at the cast and crew members of the show.

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Meet the Cast of Maverix on Netflix!

Season 1 of MaveriX will premiere on Netflix Worldwide (excluding Australia) on May 12, 2022. However, Netflix has decided to stop using X in Maverix. Maverix follows the story of six young motocross riders who get together to form a team, compete for the public titles, or crash out while trying. The greatest make of all, however, may be the lifelong companions they create.

The six teenage actors of Brindle Films’ adventure thriller MaveriX have been revealed as production on the ten-part series for the ABC and Netflix begins in Alice Springs. Apart from the sic teenagers, Jane Harber and Rohan Nichol are also among the major cast members. Well, let’s learn more about the six major cast members of the series.

Darcy Tadich

Darcy Tadich is an Australian actor, commercial talent, and Voice Artist. He is famous for Neighbours vs. Time Travel (2017), Neighbours (2015-21), and MaveriX (2022). He plays the role of Scott in the Netflix series. Moreover, he does not seem to be active on any social media.

Tatiana Goode

Tatiana Goode is also an Australian actress, known for A Sunburnt Christmas (2020) and MaveriX (2022). She plays the role of Jenny in the Netflix series. It has not been long since her debut in the acting field. However, her Instagram (@tatiana.goode) hints that she enjoys spending time with her friends frequently.

Sam Winspear-Schillings

Sam Winspear-Schillings is an actor from Australia and has already promised a lot from his past work in TV shows and movies. He played a role in a film called My Pet Dinosaurand this took his fame to a new level. That movie was released back in the year 2017. He plays the role of Bear in the Netflix series. Moreover, he also doesn’t seem to be active on any social media.

Tjiirdm McGuire

Tjiirdm McGuire is a remarkable teen actor from Australia who has astonished hundreds of people with his talent at such a young age. People have praised his amazing performance in a number of films, including Three Summers, a romantic comedy picture, and Firebite, a streaming television drama. He plays the role of Richie in the Netflix series. Moreover, he does use Instagram (@tjiirdm.mcguire) but is not active regularly.

Sebastian Tang

Sebastian Tang is a British young actor most recognized for his excellent performance as Kaden in Netflix’s Maverix. Tang is a newcomer to the entertainment world who has already captured the attention of many. Tang’s performance in MaveriX has helped him get recognition. He also does not seem to be active on any social media.

Charlotte Maggi

Charlotte Maggi is an Australian actress and a new face on the big screen. Lately, she was announced as one of the cast members in Netflix’s Rebel Moon which appears to be a good place for her to begin her career in the coming days. She plays the role of Angelique in the Netflix series. She also does not seem to be active on any social media platforms just like her most of the co-stars from the series.

MaveriX-Plot Summary

The race revolves around a group of six adolescent motocross racers who form a team. The team’s objective is to either win the national team or give up. The team will compete in a variety of tournaments, including the NT Championship.

MaveriX was filmed over the course of four months in 2021. It received significant government assistance to help it get off the ground and promote the global appeal of the sport that it can accomplish through Netflix streaming.

The NT Government has put a record $1.5 million into the series through Screen Territory, with major production funding coming from Screen Australia in collaboration with the ABC, as well as the Australian Children’s Television Foundation and the South Australian Film Corporation.

The majority of the film was shot in the Australian desert, notably in Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory.

This is only the most current Australian children’s show to be available on Netflix. Dive Club, which premiered in September 2021, Motown Magic, and Mako Mermaids are among the other major Netflix additions to the Australian children’s category.

The series is classified TV-G, which implies it is appropriate for all audiences. It is rated PG in the United Kingdom. On Netflix, it will be offered in a number of dubbing and subtitle options.

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