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Michael Culpepper Obituary: Xamegga Whitfield Murder or Suicide

Michael Culpepper Obituary: Xamegga Whitfield Murder or Suicide

Grab all details of suicide-murder case of Michael Culpepper – a young man who killed his girlfriend Xamegga and then shot himself in the middle of the road. 

Yes, it was a shocking news to hear about a young man Michael Culpepper from North Carolina who killed his girlfriend Xamegga Whitfield and later shot himself on Thursday, October 21.

Shortly after the incident was held it went viral all over social media even bringing with many speculations. With that a majority of people also came with rumors either it was a murder or suicide.

Fayetteville Police Confirmed Marked Michael Culpepper Murder-Suicide Case

If we look a the reason behind the killing and then suicide case, then as per reports from the People, Michael and Xamegga were not in good terms.

Xamegga Whitfield Obituary, Dead, Killed

Xamegga Whitfield Obituary. (Image Source: S.BAE)

Family members of Xamegga Whitfield shared the devastating incident happened after things started to get more serious between the partners after Xamegga tried to breakup with Michael, 20.

Xamegga Whitfield & Michael Culpepper Obituary 

Xamegga obituary was shared on October 23, 2021 via popular Obituary news site Legacy. Her funeral was held at Herring Funeral Care & Cremations at Fayetteville, Murchison Road, Fayetteville, NC.

Similarly, the late 20 years old Michael Culpepper obituary was released on buiesfuneralhome survived by his mother Cinta Culpepper-Michel, dad Leonardo Michel, and siblings Mercedes, and Michelle.

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What ever happened, was not worth anyone’s life. Over such melancholy period, we wish nothing but pray for their departed soul to rest in peace in heaven.

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Last modified: October 27, 2021