Miley Cyrus Gets Lost in the Music During Mother’s Day Special SNL Performance

May 9, 2021 @ 20:08 GMT+0000

Miley Cyrus celebrates mother’s day in a different SNL Level with Kid LAROI.

Music is the thing that makes you go deep and get lost inside the feel of it, and in the recent SNL Miley Cyrus just not go deep inside her music but almost made every single out their lust inside her vibe!

This year mother’s day was kind of special as Miley Cyrus opens up with an amazing Mother’s Day song Cold. She sang it amazingly, fans surely did enjoy every drip of it.

Watch: Mother’s Day Message Cold Open – SNL

And another interesting face to see at this time was to see the SNL was hosted by Tesla and Space X founder & CEO Elon Musk, and then Miley Cyrus’s amazing remix of “Without You” with Kid LAROI.

Kid LAROI seemed great with his E-Boy haircut wearing outer, white, and chain. And on the other side, Miley seemed stylish 7 unique as always with a furry overcoat, tank top, grunge jeans, and high sole converse.

Watch: Miley Cyrus and Kil LAROI Perform WITHOUT YOU

The show got more hyped with her original track Plastic Hearts making everyone get lost with the amazing raspy voice and mellow.  However, Elon Musk Gen Z Hospital was cringe Yoo, what was the whole thing trynna say, bruh!

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