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Netflix Estonia – What to Watch This Weekend #1!

Netflix Estonia - What to Watch This Weekend #1!

After a rain-soaked and windy week, the weather has finally cleared on Saturday. It is a clear sunny day, perfect for a little walk outside your home but for those of us who like to stay indoors, Netflix Estonia and Bolt are the perfect way to spend the weekend.

This week has seen some new arrivals on the streaming platform, and for you to not waste hours scrolling the app for something to watch, I’m here. For people wondering what to watch this weekend on Netflix Estonia, here are some shows and movies that need your attention.

Netflix Estonia – The Devil All The Time is This Weeks Winner

Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland go head to head in The Devil All The Time.Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland go head to head in The Devil All The Time.
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For people looking for something visceral and mindful to watch, The Devil All the Time is the perfect movie for you. Starring Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson, the film is adapted from a novel. It follows Arvin Russell as three generations of a Southern family struggle in the backdrop of change and war.

Tom Holland goes off as Arvin, playing a sympathetic ‘sinner’ who has little to live for. In contrast, Robert’s Reverand Preston is a nauseating villain who preys on people while preaching God’s word. Arvin loses what little he has, and violence ensues.

If for nothing else, watch this movie for Tom and Robert’s Southern accents. They are scary good, and a little Spiderman seeps through during the meat shop scene, so keep an eye out for that. The Devil All The Time is a visceral movie, and you need to watch this movie.

Also, a little bonus for fans of Robert Pattinson, to see his acting prowess, make sure to watch Good Time, The King, and Damsel, all different characters and all available on Netflix Estonia.

The Social Dilemma is Number One in Netflix Estonia

I can see that most people are already watching the documentary/drama series, but more people need to watch the movie. Detailing the horrors of social media and how the world is changing around it, the movie is timely and necessary.

According to Netflix, The Social Dilemma is a “documentary-drama hybrid (that) explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.”

We have all seen the proliferation of social media over the past couple of decades and how it is taking over our lives. This movie raises the issue by having the creators of such platforms, making it clear the dangers we are all facing if everything is left the way it is.

I’m Thinking of Ending This is Another Charlie Kaufman Headscratcher

I have been a fan of Charlie Kaufman since the day I first saw Being John Malkovich. It was an amazing movie, and ever since then, the legend of Charlie Kaufman has only grown, adding to the list of mind-bending movies to his repertoire is I’m Thinking of Ending This.

Starring Jessie Buckley and Jesse Plemons, I do not even know how to describe this film. Well, the only way for you to know is to see the film for yourself. The film has fallen off the Netflix Estonia Top 10 list, but you need to watch this film.

On Warmer Side of Things – Space Drama Away

I have made my feelings clear on Away and why I was a little disappointed by the show. Still, the series has solid performances, some good characters, and a warm message at the center of the story.

Away should’ve been more, but the hope is the space drama series will improve in season 2. Hilary Swank and Mark Ivanir are amazing, and they alone deserve enough courtesy for us to see the series.

Slow Burner – Spanish Series The Barrier Deserves Your Attention

I am not a fan of Money Heist. The first season of the show was fine, the second was fun, but the third season was where everything went off the rails. I don’t even want to talk about the fourth, but on the other hand, The Barrier has been one of my weekly reminders of Spanish brilliance.

The Barrier is about a dystopian future, some 50 years from now when dictators and authoritarian leadership are rising. The series follows one family as it struggles to maintain a life in a harsh society while raising their daughter.

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The plot of The Barrier is, “One family’s fight for survival in a future dystopian Madrid illustrates the disparity between two worlds separated by a fence – and so much more.”

There are science experiments, fathers, and mothers doing whatever they can to save their children, and a bleak portrayal of the not so far future. The Barrier has won me over with the first two episodes with new episodes scheduled for weekly Friday releases up until December.

Warning – Do Not Watch Ratched!

Based on the book’s character, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the new eight-episode show follows Nurse Ratched. Her fall from a nurse to a horrific woman who doesn’t care about the people under her care is a sloppy series.

I can see the show is number 2 in Netflix Estonia; there are many Ryan Murphy, Sarah Paulson, and American Horror Story fans. But as some have probably come to know by now, Ratched is a complete waste of time; I am warning you to watch this show at your peril.

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