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Nicki Minaj Finally Settles Copyright Lawsuit Paying Tracy Chapman $450,000

Nicki Minaj Finally Settles Copyright Lawsuit Paying Tracy Chapman $450,000

Rapper Nicki Minaj and legendary singer Tracy Chapman have finally settled their longtime-running controversial ‘copyright dispute’.

If you guys have been updated with the artists, then you might know that singer Tracy Chapman and her team filed a lawsuit against rapper Nicki Minaj for copying Chapman’s 1998 song ‘Baby Can I Hold You‘ in the rapper’s leaked track “Sorry” from her 2018 album ‘Queen.’

What actually happened was, Tracy never allows remix of her songs, and when Minaj asked her if she could use the sample in her fourth studio album, ‘Queen’, Chapman declined it. But the unauthorized remix got released and came with headlines. To clear you what really happened, ahead of we present you with all the details of what happened so far!

Minaj Paid $450,000 for Copyright Infringement to Tracy Chapman

According to Nicki Minaj, she elected the song to be off the album after she couldn’t get clearance for the song. However, on the day of the release of her album Radio Dj Funk Master Flex played the track Flex, probably from Minaj or her team, she was f
DMCA takedown notice for copyright infringement.

Minaj Paid $450,000 for Copyright Infringement to Tracy Chapman

At Least Minaj got to re-make the song in a way no one else did.
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As per USA TODAY reports, the lawsuit was filed in California federal court, where Chapman and her team accepted a $450,000 copyright offer this Thursday on Jan 7. This fine includes all costs and attorney fees related to the case with an understanding that the dispute will not proceed to trial.

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FYI, Chapman first filed a copyright infringement lawsuit on Oct 22, 2018, claiming that Minaj’s leaked track “Sorry” incorporated lyrics and vocal melody from “Baby Can I Hold You.”

Nicki Minaj & Tracy Chapman’s Copyright Settlement Hearing

In her summary judgment, Phillips concluded that the 38 years old Minaj had fair use to enable musical experimentation, stating that

“A ruling uprooting these common practices would limit creativity and stifle innovation within the music industry.”

In the defense, Nicki’s team kept some words from their side where they stated that ‘experiment’ and ‘process of creation’ shouldn’t be the subject of copyright ‘infringement.’ What do you think guys? Should it be free for a certain level of recreation?

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