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Obi-Wan on Disney Plus Has Started Filming; Ewan McGregor Spills on Details in 2021!


With the inception of Disney Plus we got the announcement that the first ever live-action episodic TV show from the Star Wars universe was coming to the platform. Two successful seasons of The Mandalorian later, we are getting even more Star Wars shows and Obi-Wan is one of such shows with Ewan McGregor returning to continue his beloved character’s story after 13 years.

Star Wars franchise is one of the biggest movie properties in the world with over $8 billion gross at the box office to date. But despite the long history of the franchise, beginning in 1977, there was never a live-action show based on or within the world of Star Wars. The Mandalorian broke that mold and even managed to impress the vitriolic/snobby faction of the Star Wars fandom.

The second season took things further by tying in the animated shows and the original trilogy together. So, the excitement is palpable for new shows coming to Disney Plus from the Star Wars universe. Currently we know for certain there are four live-action Star Wars shows in the works with Obi-Wan starring Ewan McGregor being one of those. And recently the actor spoke about the show, currently in production, and what it is like to be back playing the iconic role again.

Ewan McGregor Talks About Filming Obi-Wan and Being on Set Again for a Star Wars Production

obi-wan-ewan-mcgregor-disney-plus-2021Ewan McGregor shared some secrets from the set of Obi-Wan, coming soon to Disney Plus.
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Last time Ewan McGregor appeared in a Star Wars production, he was going head-to-head against his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker. At the end of the fight we saw Anakin turn into Darth Vader and Obi-Wan on a mission to protect Anakin’s children from the monster he had become.  While the Jedi master went on to live a reclusive life, or so we were told in the original trilogy, the new Disney Plus series will shed the light on what came after.

The story of Obi-Wan is said to take place about 10 years after the events of Revenge of the Sith. Obi-Wan, now away from the Empire and possibly hunted by soldiers of Palpatine, is on his own. His apprentice now the lethal weapon of the Empire and the Jedi order decimated, the last remaining Jedi master needs to make sure the future is brighter than his circumstances.

We do know how the story ends in the original trilogy, Obi-Wan becoming a force ghost after battle with his former apprentice. But the answers will be finally presented to the fans as to what happened to Master Kenobi after he went into hiding. Not much, beyond little tit-bits is known about the Disney Plus series, which is why Ewan McGregor keeps getting asked the same questions by the press and media.

So, when he was on Jimmy Fallon, the actor teased some information about the highly anticipated show. He said, “I got to play a very special scene on May 4, with someone very special in my life and that’s all I can tell you about it. But it was great fun.” Well, who the mystery individual is, the actor kept that information to himself but he did mention that the actor is someone who he never shared screen time with before.

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“I’m having a really great time. The costume’s slightly different than you might expect, but to go back into the role, shall we say, is great. It’s all still there, it feels good. We have great scripts and great people to work with,” the actor explained. The costume obviously is going to be different (toys to sell) but we are all excited to see Master Kenobi take out that lightsaber one more time.

Ewan McGregor is currently working on promoting his Netflix series Halston, about the fashion industry. He plays the titular character, who is also gay, the fact that a straight actor was playing a gay role caused some controversy but the Trainspotting actor has stood firm on his choice. You can watch Halston season 1 on 14 May 2021, only on Netflix.

Obi-Wan on Disney Plus is still without a release date with Boba Fett series being the new Star Wars show in the pipeline. Maybe a Christmas release or early Spring of 2022 release is in line for the highly anticipated show.

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Last modified: May 13, 2021