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Officer Tatum Wife: Know About Brandon Tatum’s Married Life in 2021

officer tatum wife instagram and children

Here’s what you should know about Officer Tatum’s Wife and their married life in 2021. Who is the person Brandon Tatum gave his heart to? Let’s find out.

Brandon Tatum, aka Officer Tatum, is a former police officer and football player and an American conservative political commentator. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Officer Tatum joined Liftable Media following his resignation from the Tucson Police Department in 2017.

Officer Tatum owns and runs “The Western Journal” and “The Conservative Tribune.” The Conservative Tribune now operates as part of “The Western Journal.” Tatum started his media company in late 2019 and has not looked back since.

Officer Tatum, a widely popular name in the conservative circle, also runs a YouTube channel, “The Officer Tatum.” Tatum’s YouTube channel has more than 1.4 million subscribers, which is enough to prove our point; he is a big name in his circle of conservatives.

Since he is famous, many of his fans and followers want to dive deep into his personal life to know more about him. Many of them already know Officer Tatum is a married man, but some are still confused about the wife of Brandon Tatum. So, let’s not waste time anymore and know who Officer Tatum’s Wife is.

Officer Tatum Wife: All About Brandon Tatum’s Married Life

Just hold on a sec; we know you are all excited to know who is Brandon Tatum is married to. So, we will stop testing your patience and tell you who she is. Officer Tatum is married to Corrine Tatum, a life and business partner to Brandon Tatum.

officer tatum wife instagram and children

Officer Tatum and his wife, Corrine Tatum, are enjoying their holiday in Park City, Utah. Photo Source: Corrine Tatum, Instagram

According to many of Corrine Tatum’s social profiles, she is the co-owner and works as the CFO at “The Officer Tatum LLC.” Corrine’s LinkedIn profile boasts an impressive resume; under her “experience” tab, we could easily find that she is going places.

We will discuss more on her professional career in a while, but let’s find out more about Officer Tatum and his Wife, Corrine Tatum’s relationship.

Officer Tatum and His Wife, Corrine Tatum, are Parents

Brandon Tatum and his wife, Corrine Tatum, are blessed with two sons. The couple has not disclosed their two boys’ names; however, Corrine calls her younger son “Baby T.” Brandon, and Corrine welcomed their second son on February 20, 2021.

officer tatum wife instagram and children

Officer Tatum with his two sons, a photo found on Corrine Tatum’s Instagram

Following her newborn’s safe delivery, Corrine posted a picture of her husband holding the newborn alongside her older baby. On the caption, Corrine wrote,

“Finally home with baby T ??? Dad is so happy to have both his little guys here ♥️? Big brother has no interest in changing diapers but has volunteered to help with the bath today. ?”

Following the post, many of her fans and friends congratulated the family.

One fan wrote,

“Congratulations on your healthy baby. Praying you to recover soon! He’s beautiful! And I think he looks more like you. ?”

Another fan wrote,

“Congratulations!!! What a beautiful family! So happy for you, Corinne ❤️ love to see you & your love story grow! ?”

The next one wrote,

“?❤️?amazingggg!!! Love love love this so much! Dyingggg for the name reveal. ? so happy for your beautiful family.”

More on Officer Tatum’s Wife’s, Corrine Tatum, Professional Career

As we mentioned earlier, Corrine Tatum boasts an impressive resume; here’s what we meant. According to her LinkedIn profile, she works as a Strategist, Event Planner, Social Media Director, and also looks after Marketing and Booking at The Officer Tatum LLC since 2019.

Corrine, moreover, has other vast work experience as well. She previously worked as a “Training and Development Consultant” at Luxottica for 15 years (2004 to 2019.” While talking about her education, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Science in Psychology from the University of  San Diego State University.

Since Officer Tatum is a well-known name on the internet, it’s obvious his wife is equally popular as well. Corrine Tatum boasts an impressive more than 109,000 followers on her Instagram. Way fewer followers than Brandon‘s, but we can’t deny how active she is, and her followers are only expected to rise from here.

Well, that’s it for now; for more content on your favorite celebrities, stay tuned to BAE Magazine.

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