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Peaky Blinders Creator Says the Franchise Could Continue without Tommy Shelby

Peaky Blinders Creator Says the Franchise Could Continue without Tommy Shelby

Peaky Blinders writer and creator Steven Knight claims the franchise carries the potential to continue without Tommy Shelby in the future.

Peaky Blinders is heavily centered on Tommy Shelby, but the showrunner of this popular BBC period crime drama, Steven Knight, has stated that the Peaky world could thrive without him if necessary.

Knight told Birmingham Live that while the show’s current iteration revolves around actor Cillian Murphy playing Tommy – this might not be the case once the current show concludes its sixth and final season.

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He said,

In the form it is in, it is absolutely impossible for this to work without Cillian. As it grows and progresses, who knows? There may be worlds that are part of the Peaky world that are about someone else but he is the center around [which] everything orbits.

Before we know more about the Peaky Blinders film and other possible future ventures, we’ll have to settle for feeling pumped about the show’s forthcoming sixth season.

The executive producer of the BBC drama, Caryn Mandabach, has vowed that season 6 will be the best one yet, adding:

Steve’s uncanny ability to be prescient about world events is only matched by his ability to make Tommy Shelby the most indelible character of our times.

Sophie Rundle, who plays Ada Shelby, has also hinted at what we should anticipate from the final season, saying that Ada is “cooler than ever” and that season 6 will be “all guns blazing” and “really rock and roll.”

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The actress also lauded Knight’s writing, implying he is always in command of his vision. She said,

I’m endlessly delighted by Steve Knight’s writing. I think it’s really brilliant and bold. I’ll leave it up to him.

Peaky Blinders season 6 is expected to air in early 2022.

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Last modified: April 5, 2021