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Ree Drummond’s Weight Loss: Did She Use Any Weight Loss Products Like Weight Loss Gummies or Pills? Does Ree Drummond Follow Keto Recipes?

Ree Drummond’s Weight Loss: Did She Use Any Weight Loss Products Like Weight Loss Gummies or Pills? Does Ree Drummond Follow Keto Recipes?

Ree Drummond, 53, wrote a lengthy, moving blog post on Saturday about her weight loss journey and detailed how she lost 55 pounds. She also documented her weight reduction process on Instagram. The author claims that she never used weight loss gummies, weight loss pills, or any other weight loss products. According to Ree Drummond, she mainly focuses on weightlifting and working out on her rowing machine, and also nutrition; she also claimed that she tried keto recipes for a short period of time.

Ree Drummond is an American author, blogger, TV personality, cuisine writer, and photographer. She is best known for the Pioneer Woman blog. She resides in Oklahoma on a ranch. She describes her daily life at the ranch as a wife and mother in her blogs.

The Pioneer Woman was named Weblog of the Year at the Annual Weblog Awards in 2009, 2010, and 2011. She attended college to study journalism and gerontology. She was born and reared in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. She started her online blog in 2006 under the name pioneerwoman.typepad.com, changing it subsequently to Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and then to The Pioneer Woman.

One of the many popular sections of her website continues to be Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. With numerous notable magazines praising her writing style, her ideas, and some excellent images, the blog attained enormous fame and success. In her blogs, she also posts recipes for meals that are visually appealing.

Ree Drummond launched her own television program in 2011 under the name The Pioneer Woman, which is still broadcast on The Food Network. She just revealed that Columbia Pictures is adapting her book From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels into a movie.

With her growing fame fans online claim that now she looks very different over the years, they suspect that the writer has lost weight. Read on to find out about Ree Drummond’s weight loss journey.

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Ree Drummond’s Weight Loss Journey Has Inspired Many of Her Fans; She Claims She Doesn’t Take Any Weight Loss Products!

Ree Drummond (@thepioneerwoman), 53, revealed how she shed 55 pounds in a long, heartfelt blog post on Saturday and in an Instagram post. One year after starting her path toward health and wellbeing, The Pioneer Woman icon is looking back on her weight loss.

The Pioneer Woman spoke openly to Entertainment Tonight in a September 2021 interview on the turning point in her life, describing how she started her weight loss journey after she hit rock bottom, and made the decision to change, especially with her daughter Alex Drummond‘s upcoming wedding on the horizon. She remarked:

I basically hit rock bottom eating chips and salsa one night. I went a little overboard, I feel great and that’s what matters,The scale was sort of a gauge for me that I was heading in the right direction. And it was never about I have to lose this amount, it’s really about how I feel.

In her blog, Drummed confessed that she had zero ideas on how to get in shape and that all she was aware of was that she had to start. The Food Network celebrity made minor lifestyle adjustments that caused her to lose weight.

Ree Drummond says she didn’t hire a trainer, she didn’t follow a specified diet or do Keto or Paleo, she didn’t consume special foods, and she didn’t engage in intermittent fasting. According to her, she never used weight loss gummies, weight loss pills, or any other weight loss products.

Instead, she stopped drinking, started working out, and started keeping track of her progress. Ree Drummond revealed to ET that she didn’t have a target weight in mind; instead, she just wanted to feel happy and healthy. According to her, she used the scale solely as a measure to monitor her progress.

The famous chef mentioned weightlifting in a recent blog post as a critical workout for not just burning fat but also building lean muscle. She enjoys lifting weights and working out on her rowing machine. Building muscle, not just the little muscles in our arms but the larger muscles in our legs and butt, will accelerate our weight reduction like nothing else and position us for greater success, she claims.

Ree Drummond claimed that in the initial stages of her weight loss quest, she adhered to a stricter diet and exercise schedule that included working out up to six days per week. When work resumed in the fall of 2021, the actress began to let off on her routine, which she claimed reflected on both her energy and scale.

Drummond made sure to keep her body moving all day long by using a standing desk and taking short pauses to move around while she worked. She remarked:

Today, I’m still using a standing desk and not letting myself collect too much dust during the day, Moving is good!

Ree Drummond has acknowledged eating a low-carbohydrate diet and has even briefly adopted a ketogenic diet. Drummond told People in 2019 that she kind of jumped into the keto recipes last summer and enjoyed it.

But now she claims that she doesn’t practice that anymore and just focuses on high-protein and low carbs meals and eats small portions of what her family eats.

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