Robert Pattinson Returns to The Batman Set After Recovering from Coronavirus

Robert Pattinson Returns to The Batman Set After Recovering from Coronavirus

Robert Pattinson makes his return to The Batman set after COVID-19 halted production for two weeks.

Robert Pattinson returned to The Batman set after he tested positive for coronavirus that suspended filming for two weeks. The 34-year-old star, who was seen in London with his partner Suki Waterhouse during the week, recommenced work on Thursday morning.

An insider told Daily Mail:

Today is the first day the main production unit has returned to filming and there seem to be no other hiccups at the moment.

The source continued a large portion of the movie is to be filmed in Liverpool. However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the filming was postponed and rescheduled several times, moving the completion date back even further.

Liverpool plays a significant role in The Batman as American director Matt Reeves, who is overseeing the forthcoming superhero film, recently announced at DC FanDome, a virtual convention hosted by DC Comics and Warner Bros.

During an interview, he revealed Liverpool was going to be the bedrock of Gotham City as they film the remaining 75% of the script. The source, in addition, reported other films, including Fantastic Beasts 3, had been impacted by the positive coronavirus tests, but none affected the fundamental stars.

Other productions have had some smaller COVID alerts amongst the crew or third party staff; no more so than Fantastic Beasts 3 whose dialect coach was confirmed positive on September 10. Fortunately the systems in place on that production meant the unit could continue to work without a hiatus.

Pattinson was seen for the first time following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis on Wednesday when he spent a park date with his girlfriend, Suki in London. The actor seemed to be fully recovered since you are expected to self-isolate for at least ten days in the UK if you tested positive for the coronavirus.

Earlier this month, it was reported the production team was ‘working round the clock’ to try to shoot scenes without Pattinson after he got COVID-19 and was compelled to self-isolate for a couple of weeks.

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The Hollywood star, who was claimed to have appeared on a set with mild fever, had to stay away from shooting for 14 days while he was recovering.

It came amid concerns that stopping production could cost around $6.5 million with director Reeves seeking to shoot as much as he could at Warner Bros. Studio in Leavesden, Hertfordshire, without the leading star.

Any of the 130-strong staff who had no prior interaction with Pattinson were asked to return for production, and the sets that had been prepared were transferred from Studio G to another studio.

A set insider said at the time,

Anything that can be shot and does not involve Pattinson will now go ahead. That includes scenes with his body double. The aim is to get as much done as possible before he returns and the hope is that none of the other actors get the virus.

The source added,

The crew can be replaced as most are freelance and hired for the duration of the shoot but it would be disastrous if another major actor gets the virus. Production staff are working round the clock to get things moving and allow some filming to take place. He had arrived at the studio and told the on-set nurse he had an elevated temperature.

The source said many crew members felt it was ironic how the coronavirus had halted the Batman movie since the killer virus is believed to have emerged from bats.

“There is a irony to all this in that you would think Batman would be immune seeing as it all started from bats,” said the insider.

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