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Someone, Please Save Melissa McCarthy from Ben Falcone Movies!


A new Melissa McCarthy comedy is on Netflix, written and directed by Ben Falcone. And to no one’s surprise, it is bad like all his directorial ventures. But with every bad movie he is not only ruining his own image, but also the dimming the star of the brilliant Melissa McCarthy.

It was the late 2000s when Melissa was hired to appear in the hi TV show Gilmore Girls. She was a beloved supporting cast but it was the 2011 Paul Feig movie, Bridesmaids, that made the actress a superstar. Since then she has had amazing highs and lowest of lows, and as you can probably guess, almost entirety of those career lows have been working in her husband’s movies.

There are a long list of films that are horrible and like clockwork have plagued the career of Melissa McCarthy. Every time she has a Oscar worthy performance in a great movie, Ben Falcone comes in with a lame idea for comedy and drops a bomb to stink up the whole place. And Thunder Force is the latest in a long line of bad movies that prove Melissa needs to step away from her husband’s movies.

Tammy to Thunder Force – The Lows of Melissa McCarthy’s Career

Every actor has bad movies in their resume, there are no certainty in the world of film making. For every The Deer Hunter, there is a career ruining Heaven’s Gate, Michael Cimino is yet to recover from the 1971 bomb. So, when a formula is proven to be a loser, actor’s move on and find a refreshing new idea to right their stars.

Melissa McCarthy, after the success of Bridesmaids and Melissa & Joe had her pick of roles. Comedy, action, heist, drama, they were all for her and big directors wanting to work with her. Then came Tammy is 2014, directed and produced by Melissa’s husband Ben Falcone. The film made a lot of money but critics and fans alike were united in saying the film was horrible.

That started a trend for Melissa, she would star in a box office and critical success, then a bad comedy from Ben Falcone would leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. The Heat, St. Vincent, Tammy, Spy, and The Boss, all came within a two year period and three of those were good to great movies, two other were directed by Ben Falcone.

Melissa gets writing credits and producer credits on these movies but are they worth the trouble of alienating the fanbase. I am a Melissa McCarthy fan and every time I see Ben’s name as director, the mood just sours. The Bridesmaids actress deserves way more than fart and puke jokes that do not even work on fourth graders.

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Thunder Force on Netflix is not a bad concept, but the execution, the direction, dialogue, writing, everything is so cringe, even Melissa’s biggest of efforts go unnoticed. Take this for a great/horrible year Life of the Party, The Happytime Murders, and Can You Forgive Me? all came out in the same year. The first one received bad reviews, the second one got Melissa a Razzie for Wort Actress of the year, and the third one got her nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress.

Now, take a guess which two of those three movies had Ben Falcone’s name in the credit. Melissa McCarthy won a Worst Actress award and The Razzie Redeemer Award during the same ceremony. It is now beyond the point of just doing the movies for fun, Melissa McCarthy’s pull among her fans is waning and a lot of that has to do with one horrible Ben Falcone movie after the other.

Someone needs to tell Melissa McCarthy to stop working on movies with her husband. There is a large sample size of bombs for her to ascertain that her career will not sustain more of those bad cringe comedies.

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