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SEE Season 2 Release Date – Apple TV+ Announces Premiere Date with Trailer!


It has been almost two years since the premiere date of Apple TV+ show SEE. The Jason Momoa starrer post-apocalyptic action series was expensive and beloved by the fans. SEE season 2 was announced soon after but due to the elaborate production and pandemic having their say, the released date is finally set for August 2021, with season 3 already greenlit.

In the 21st century a deadly virus causes all but 2 million people to lose their lives. And the remaining two million lose their sense of vision. The story of SEE takes place about 5 decades after the viral event and follows Baba Voss and his family as vision returns to the land. Baba Voss now has the duty to protect his family from all those who decide to harm his children who were born with vision.

With nearly $15 million per episode production cost, SEE was one of the most expensive TV shows ever produced. It was a statement of intent by Apple TV+ to show they are serious about their streaming service. Soon after the first season arrived SEE season 2 was greenlit and we now have a timeline of when we can expect Baba Voss go up against his brother and other dangers to save his family.

SEE Season 2 – Coming to Apple TV+ Soon

In the finale of SEE season 1 we saw Jerlamarel handing over Haniwa to the general of the Trivantian tribe who had interest in the children of Baba Voss. Kofun is sent to be executed but Baba Voss arrives in time to save his adopted son and also fight Jerlamarel. In the battle Baba blinds Jerlamarel and leaves him to die as the father and son head to the silent abandoned city to save Haniwa.

The general was later revealed to be Edo Voss, brother of Baba. They did not part in good terms and now General Edo is looking to put the hurt on his younger brother. After Edo was announced as the villain for SEE season 2, it was revealed that Dave Bautista was hired to play the character. Now, in the second season, the two large men will fight for their family and honor.

On 11 June 2021, Apple TV+ released a trailer for SEE season 2. It appears to be even more expensive than the first season as new lands and surroundings are created for the production. But beyond that, in the trailer we get out first look at Edo Voss. A huge healed scar on the right side of his head, Edo tells Haniwa that he is owed a big debt by his little brother.

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We also see Maghra coming through with her large army, as well as the Trivantian assembling their own forces. From what is evident, we are in for a bloody ride in SEE season 2. But the most exciting shot is the final one of the trailer, Baba wielding a katana while the two brothers face off on a bridge. That is what we were expecting and that is what we are getting.

But it is not all, as Variety is reporting SEE season 3 is already filming in Toronto. Before the second season even arrives on the streaming platform, Apple TV+ has already given a green light for season 3. So, do not expect Baba Voss to die soon, but there is certain to be some hurt in store for our reformed hero and loving father.

As for now all we can do is wait for the first episode to premiere on 27 August 2021. We will get new episodes every week on Fridays and the trailer looks like it is worth the wait.

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