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Shanna Moakler Relationship Details, Pregnancy & Ex’s Arrest

Shanna Moakler Relationship Details, Pregnancy & Ex's Arrest

Shanna Moakler Relationship details with boxer and ex-bf Oscar De La Hoya, Dennis Quaid, Paris Hilton, Pregnancy & arrest of her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau details.

Shanna Moakler is a model, actress, and reality television personality from the United States who is working her way up the entertainment industry ladder. In 1995, the actress won the Miss New York USA pageant and was the first runner-up in the Miss USA competition. After Chelsi Smith won the Miss Universe competition in 1995, the model took her place as Miss USA. The model began modeling at the age of 15, and in December 2001, the model was named Playmate of the Month by Playboy magazine.

Furthermore, the actress is well known through her social media platforms. The model’s devotion and hard work have pushed her to international fame. Soon after, the actress rose to prominence in her field in a short amount of time, influencing people via her work and gaining a great deal of popularity. The 47-year-old has been acting professionally throughout her career since childhood. The model has appeared in several TV series and other platforms too, but the actress still has a long way to go.

The actress was born on March 28, 1975, in Providence, Rhode Island, and as of 2022, the model is 47 years old. The model is of German, Irish, and Portuguese origin, and was born to dentist John W. Moakler III and Gail Moakler. For 12 years, the actress competed in roller skating (participating in roller skating competitions analogous to ice skating competitions).

Shanna Has Sparked Romance with Several Guys

Over the years, the actress has ignited romance rumors with several guys, but she has always preferred to be open about her personal life. In 1997, Moakler was associated with Billy Idol. In a scene from The Wedding Singer, the couple is seen together. According to the actress, an Idol is a guy who is “not too sweet and sensitive.” His knowledge of and aptitude for history and philosophy were also commended by the model.

In October 1997, the actress began dating boxer Oscar De La Hoya, and the two moved in together in early 1998. In October of 1998, the pair confirmed their engagement. Atiana Cecilia De La Hoya, their daughter, is their only child together (born March 29, 1999). Moakler noted that the pregnancy was unanticipated, but that it was recognized that if it happened, it was wonderful, and if it didn’t, it was fine as well.

When Moakler was at home watching the Latin Grammy Awards on television in September 2000, the model noticed De La Hoya leading another woman to the show, and the romance ended quickly. The model sued her ex-fiancé for $62.5 million in palimony in December 2000, alleging that he was an alcoholic who was violent to her and their daughter and that he used them “as props to boost his public image.”

The matter was, however, settled out of court in 2001 for an unknown sum. De La Hoya had limited contact with his daughter after his divorce from the actress, even though he continued to offer financial assistance. From February to October 2001, the actress dated actor Dennis Quaid. They did, however, part ways.

Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink-182, +44, Box Car Racer, and The Transplants, and formerly of The Aquabats, married the actress on October 30, 2004. Landon Asher Barker (born October 9, 2003) and Alabama Luella Barker (born October 9, 2003) are the couple’s two children (born December 24, 2005). [requires citation] On August 8, 2006, Barker filed for divorce from Moakler.

Shanna Moakler Husband

Shanna Moakler with her ex-husband Travis Barker. Photo Source: Pinterest

Barker was later linked to Paris Hilton, according to reports. Tensions between the pair erupted in an altercation at the Hyde Lounge in Los Angeles in early October. In separate accusations filed with the Los Angeles Police Department, Hilton and Moakler accused each other of violence.

Hilton said Moakler punched her in the jaw and yelled at her, while the actress claimed Hilton’s ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos bent her wrists, poured a drink on her, and shoved her downstairs. The confrontation resulted in no charges being filed.

Police were called to the actress and Barker’s shared home in Los Angeles on December 7, 2014, after the former couple got into a verbal altercation. They made criminal threats against one another, which resulted in their arrests. No charges, however, were made against either party. It was reported in June 2016 that Moakler and Barker were co-parenting their two children amicably.

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In the year 2020, Moakler dated Matthew Rondeau, while Barker began dating Kourtney Kardashian. Despite initially supporting her ex-affair, her husband, the former Miss USA, eventually said he was recycling from their previous marriage and was concerned about her bond with her children as a result.

After admirers saw that the duo had wiped each other from their social media sites, Rondeau announced that they had split up two months later.

Shanna Moakler Actress Revealed her pregnancy after the arrest of her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau

The former Playmate, who already has three children, confirms to PEOPLE exclusively that she is expecting her fourth kid. The model’s ex-boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, was arrested for felony domestic abuse just days before the announcement.

Following an argument with Moakler on February 24, 2022, Rondeau, who has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with the former Miss USA queen since 2020, was charged with felony domestic violence. Rondeau, 29, and Moakler, 46, allegedly had a furious altercation before he left their Los Angeles home Wednesday night, according to TMZ. He returned the next morning, where the fighting had persisted and had become very physical. According to People, his bail has been set at $50,000.

This arrest follows Rondeau’s explosive Instagram Live outburst, in which he accused the Celebrity Big Brother competitor of being unfaithful and sleeping with their next-door neighbor. The actor even claimed that the model was still obsessed with her ex-husband Travis Barker, with whom the model was married from 2004 to 2008.


The actress revealed her pregnancy after the arrest of her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau. Photo Source: Pinterest

After an apparent argument with Moakler, 46, at their Los Angeles home, Rondeau was arrested and detained on charges of felony domestic assault, according to Radar Online. According to the site, the model grabbed the Playboy Playmate by the hair, slammed her to the ground, grabbed her face and neck, threw a chair at her, and urinated on her, “causing apparent injuries,” according to a police arrest report.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star revealed to People a week after the actress’s ex-boyfriend Matthew Rondeau was arrested for felony domestic violence that the model is expecting her fourth child.

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According to Us Weekly, Rondeau, 29, said on his Instagram Story shortly after being released from police detention after posting a $50,000 bond “I just want you to know how much I love you, my family and friends. I’d never touch another lady, you know… My life’s love has made me appear to be the bad guy.” According to jail records, a court date has been set for June 23.

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