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Preview Shows ‘South ParQ Vaccination Special’ Is As ‘South Park’ As It Can Get

Preview Shows 'South ParQ Vaccination Special' Is As 'South Park' As It Can Get

Half a week ago, South Park promoted a new special from the studios, South ParQ Vaccination Special, and we now have a wider look at what we can expect from the 1-hour show. Although, knowing the show in its entirety and the current situation, a lot of it was expected. The studio recently released a preview of what was to come after already giving off the 15-second promo.

In a quick-fire 30-second teaser, the preview shows us the dark comedy depiction of what is happening in the US in animation, whether it be about social distancing, black marketing of COVID-19 vaccines, kids getting in on the Q-Anon action, the back-to-school saga, or the need to just get back to how it used to be before the pandemic in general.

South Park's four kids acting as nurses with an elderly woman in between.It’s probably a vs special, pitting Butters’ new squad against the four main stars of the show.
Photo Credit: South Park Studios, Comedy Central

The preview gives a picture bigger than the grandma flipping off a queue of people looking to get a vaccine in the promo. And it’s as South Park as it can get. It starts with the once-bicurious Stephen Stotch, the father of the evermore vanilla Butters, shouting at the kids in the street to maintain social distancing while already wearing masks. Upon being confronted by Cartman, ironically by habit, Stotch asks him to say it to his face.

Then there’s the reference to people constantly asking the schools to reopen but the teachers, represented by Mr. Mackey, being adamant about getting vaccinations to all the kids properly first. And surprisingly, we see the underpants gnomes back after years, essentially after over two decades, asking to reopen jobs because they are “essential workers”. Ironic on every level.

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And of course, it would be an impossible South Park special without including the vaccination issues and the ever-exciting QAnon. Ironically, it’s Butters joining the QAnon bandwagon, using the funny excuse of just needing something to believe in so that he could go outside. And the group here is called Lil’ QTies, probably for copyright purposes? Probably not because it can’t stop creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Watch the Preview for Yourself


The South ParQ Vaccination Special is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, March 10, on Comedy Central, as usual. South ParQ Vaccination Special follows a 1-hour special, titled The Pandemic Special, that they already premiered back in late September instead of Season 24 of the regular series they were originally scheduled for.

The Pandemic Special in itself was a juicy one depicting the everyday 2020 problems. Of course, the absurd way of social distancing during class wasn’t the central theme of it. It seems Randy Marsh had an exquisite experience while being locked away in China partying with Mickey Mouse, causing it to transfer the COVID-19 virus to humans from bats or pangolins, then being convinced his “products” can cure it.

South Park Character cutouts at a Denver Broncos stadium.
Imagine ‘South Park’ characters at a Denver Broncos stadium.
Photo Source: South Park, Instagram

Will we get Butters storming the Capitol with his Lil’ QTies buddies in the new special? Likely so. Will there be that case of younger women pretending to be grandmas to get the vaccine? We’ll just have to see. But any direction the creators will take with the treat that they are about to give us, there will not be a surprise element to it if you’re the kind to have seen the show at all.

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Regardless, it’s been the case for every episode they’ve made, and they never failed to entertain viewers in any of them, in whatever way they were entertained. This special is also 1 hour long.

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