Strictly Come Dancing’s Maisie Smith Receives Support From EastEnders Co-stars

Sep 5, 2020 @ 19:16 GMT+0000
Strictly Come Dancing’s Maisie Smith Receives Support From EastEnders Co-stars

Strictly Come Dancing's Maisie Smith received congratulations from her EastEnders co-stars upon landing a part.

The cast rushed to applaud her after the 19-year-old actress admitted that securing the role was "a dream come true".

Strictly announced on Twitter, she landed the gig, and the actress was later seen outside Elstree Studios, Herts.

Maisie, who portrayed Tiffany Butcher in the British soap opera since 2008, said on Instagram:

NEWS IS FINALLY OUT ?? Been keeping this a secret for too long! Absolute dream come true.

Her co-stars replied quickly, showering congratulations for the actress.

Louisa Lytton, who plays the character of Ruby in the soap opera and also took part in Strictly, wrote:

Knew this would happen! Winner.

While Danny Walters, aka Keanu, said, "Congratulations Maisie x"

James Bye, better known as Martin Fowler, wrote: "I would blame me and @lorrainekellysmith for letting this slip a bit early!"

Last year's Strictly Come Dancing stars Saffron Barker and Karim Zeroual likewise congratulated her for getting the part.

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In the meantime, it was reported how Maisie had collided with BBC bosses after losing out on the opportunity to be "Next Kylie Minogue."

They told the 19-year-old EastEnders star she had to pick either a Beeb broadcast or a big-money contract.

A source said,

Maisie wants to crack the music industry and several labels think she is really marketable. One told her she could be the next Kylie, with her girl-next-door looks and down-to-earth personality.

But she was told she could not take a record deal and continue on EastEnders and Strictly due to the BBC’s commercial rules.

Maisie recently released a digital album, while she usually posts videos on her social media accounts.

The source added,

Maisie decided to take Strictly over the deal because she can revisit music after the show. This will give her an even bigger platform than EastEnders to show off her talents. She hopes it will be a huge chance for her.

She's also feuded with them over a TikTok agreement. The star, who boasts 1.7 million followers on the platform, was offered a huge amount of money to post artist's songs over the snippets of her online videos.

She asked the soap executives if she could agree to a deal, but she was told "No" again because of her contract.

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They started a probe after she went ahead, irrespective of it. But Strictly Come Dancing producers believe Maisie can be a massive attraction with younger viewers.

Last year, Maisie and pro Kevin Clifton won a version of the Children In Need show.

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