‘Suits’ Set in Wall Street? Aaron Korsh Reveals the Original Pilot Episode Concept!

Jan 17, 2021 @ 16:25 GMT+0000

After nine seasons USA network’s Suits finally left the TV screens. For nearly a decade fans enjoyed the characters and their sassy walk aways but all good things must come to an end. And to think it could all have been different from the 90 minute Pilot episode we know and have seen multiple times now, a road untaken, something Aaron Korsh revealed was set in Wall Street.

Now we do not need to tell you that Suits is set in the world of corporate law with Harvey Spector being the best closer in NYC. He and the ever-changing name on the wall firm battled with super-wealthy people while protecting the uber wealth clientele of their own.

While a pretty unrelatable premise for a show, we all connected with the cast, and especially Mike, who was our conduit to that world. Now, for a second imagine the show being set in Wall Street. You cannot, can you? Well, Aaron Korsh said the premise of the show was changed a little.

From Wall Street to a Corporate Law Firm – Aaron Korsh’s Decision for Suits Pilot

After getting rejected earlier on in the scripting process the head of the USA network’s programming was convinced that he would like the characters by Korsh’s agent. The promise spawned a 30-minute script which was supposed to end after Mike was hired by Harvey.

There was not supposed to be Mike taking LSATs for other law students and pretending to go to Harvard with a law degree. Mike was only supposed to pretend to have gone to Harvard because the setting of the show was Wall Street instead of a law firm.

Aaron Korsh changed the script when the USA decided to take on the script for a 90-minute cast-contingent pilot. To be more accessible to the audiences on the USA network the creator of Suits, which was called A Legal Mind at first, decided to put the characters in a law firm instead of Wall Street.

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In an interview with THR, Aaron said about the pilot, “The first half-hourish is pretty much, with small tweaks, was as it was then. He (Mike) didn’t take LSATs for people, he was just a super smart guy. Through when he gets hired, it’s basically the same. It was interesting because when it’s Wall Street, he was only faking going to Harvard, he wasn’t faking a law degree.”

“To work on Wall Street, to be a mathematical genius, there is no degree you need to have whereas to practice [law], you need to pass the bar. We decided to embrace and use it,” he continued. It was a great decision on Aaron’s part, having him only fake Harvard probably would not have had the same level of effect.

The fact that Mike was practicing law without a degree made for a better story in the pilot, and also caused a lot of headaches for the firm moving forward. He had to fake a degree, forge one then pass off as a Harvard graduate, it was all an elaborate scam that kept us all on the edge of our seats because we knew it was wrong and the bubble was going to burst one of these days.

Patrick J. Adams Celebrated 4 Years of Marriage with His Wife Troian Bellisario

patrick-j-adams-wife-troian-bellisario-anniversary-4-suits-pilotPatrick J. Adams and his wife Troian Bellisario celebrated their 4th marriage anniversary.
Image Source: Troian Bellisarion Instagram

Mike was probably everyone’s favorite character on Suits. He was played by Patrick J. Adams who left after the seventh season because Meghan Markle was getting married to Prince Harry. People were heartbroken when the actor had to leave the show, but he did show up in the final season to say goodbye and help the firm.

Patrick J. Adams, no matter what other roles he does in his life, will be remembered for his time on Suits. And while he was working on the USA network show, the actor also got married to his wife Troian Bellisario on 10 December 2016.

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Last year in December the actor celebrated four years of marriage with his wife. “Thank you @sleepinthegardn for 4 years of love, fun, patience, trust, kindness, and curiosity. I love you,” Patrick wrote on Instagram. We also want to wish the couple a belated happy anniversary.

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